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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Portmaster: Free and open source privacy suite that puts you back in charge of your computer | AlternativeTo
2024-05-18 · < 1 min  Privacy focused  Block Trackers  Ad-free  No Tracking  Dark Mode  No registration required  Spam Filter  Built-in VPN  Website Monitoring  End-to-End Encryption  Malware Analysis  No Coding Required  WireGuard  Works Offline  Anonymous Proxy  Decentralized
Le conseguenze indesiderate del blocco degli indirizzi IP
2024-05-07 · 23 min Alla fine di agosto, il team di assistenza clienti di Cloudflare ha iniziato a ricevere lamentele sui siti della nostra rete che non funzionavano in Austria. Il nostro team si è attivato immediatamente per cercare di identificare l'origine di quella che dall'esterno sembrava un
Metasploit | Penetration Testing Software, Pen Testing Security | Metasploit
2024-04-05 · < 1 min Metasploit Weekly Wrap-Up 03/29/2024Metasploit adds three new exploit modules including an RCE for SharePoint....Metasploit Framework 6.4 ReleasedMetasploit 6.4 has been released with Kerberos improvements, new session types, indirect syscalls in the Windows Meterpreter and
Commento sull’audizione del Presidente Lasorella sul Piracy Shield – Quinta’s weblog
2024-04-01 · 1 min Ho ascoltato l’audizione del Presidente Lasorella alla Camera in merito al cd. “Piracy Shield”, il bottone rosso per cancellare un sito dall’Internet nostrana (tramite nome o indirizzo IP). E’ stata una testimonianza franca. Ha spiegato tutte le ragioni per cui non sta
Blocking with ad server and tracking server hostnames
2024-01-31 · 7 min As a Windows hosts file I use this list with a local nameserver, but you can also use this list with windows to block ads. to do this, download the list hosts format and put it in your C:\Windows folder (C:\WinNT\system32\drivers\etc under Windows 2000; C:\WinNT under Windows NT;
Technitium | Push The Limits
2024-01-28 · 1 min MeshTechnitium Mesh is a secure, anonymous, peer-to-peer (p2p), open source instant messenger designed to provide end-to-end encryption. It can be used for messaging over the Internet as well as private LAN networks not connected to the Internet.The software relies on strong cryp
A small open source dns server
2024-01-28 · 2 min Support Maradns or listen to my musicHere is a list of dns software that is open source, is currently (as of 2016) being maintained, and that has authoritative and recursivednsSECsupport:BIND is the swiss army knife of dns servers. It has a lot of features and can do pretty much
Technitium dns Server | An Open Source dns Server For Privacy & Security
2024-01-28 · 7 min Block ads & malware at dns level for your entire network!Version 11.5.3Windows (Setup)(Windows 7 SP1 and above)Download Setup(Windows 7 SP1/Server 2012 R2 requires additional dependencies)Linux / Raspberry Pi Automated Installer / Updatercurl -sSL https://download.technitium.
EU Parliament Approves Data Act With Smart Contract Kill Switch Provision
2023-12-02 · 1 min May 29-31, 2024 - Austin, TexasThe biggest and most established global hub for everything crypto, blockchain and Web3.Register NowShare on FacebookShare on LinkedInMembers of the European Parliament voted Thursday to approve a Data Act containing a controversial clause that coul
How to Authenticate Your Email in 5 Steps (Email Authentication 101)
2023-11-27 · 8 min Email authentication gives mailbox providers (like Gmail or Outlook) confidence that the messages from senders are authentic and not sent by a bad actor. The more confidence a mailbox provider has that the messages you send are legitimate, the more likely that provider is to deli
Parental Control Gli obblighi per i Provider Internet
2023-11-19 · 4 min Parental Control, un tema molto dibattuto in ambito TLC in tempi recenti: gli ISP e le associazioni come Assoprovider, stanno cercando di individuare le soluzioni tecniche da implementare e quali tipologie di contenuto dovranno essere disabilitate.Esistono alcune questioni ancora
Last Chance to fix eIDAS
2023-11-03 · 4 min 2nd November 2023After years of legislative process, the near-final text of the eIDAS regulation has been agreed by trialogue negotiators1 representing EU’s key bodies and will be presented to the public and parliament for a rubber stamp before the end of the year. New legislat

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