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Supreme Court questions Republican laws to tackle alleged social media bias
2024-02-27 · 2 min Economy|Technology The United States Supreme Court has cast doubt on a conservative push to crack down on the alleged liberal bias of social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.In arguments at the top court on Monday, several justices expressed reservations about laws in
IOS notification loophole lets apps collect data about you
2024-02-17 · 6 min Apple has long said that fingerprinting — tracking a user through the hardware and software features of their device — is not allowed. But apparently some popular apps have found a backdoor that they are exploiting in plain sight.Privacy researcher Tommy Mysk has discovered t
I Paesi UE danno il via libera alla nuove regole sull'intelligenza artificiale
2024-02-10 · 3 min HomePage Notizie Digitale Intelligenza artificiale I Paesi UE danno il via libera alla nuove regole sull’intelligenza artificiale 02-02-2024I Paesi dell’UE danno il via livera alle nuove regole sull’intelligenza artificiale. Secondo quanto annunciato dalla presidenza di tur
Condivisione dei dati della polizia: “PRÜM II” manca di garanzie
2024-02-09 · 1 min Riportiamo il post pubblicato oggi 8 Febbraio sul sito del Partito pirata europeoStrasburgo, 02/08/2024 – I deputati hanno approvato oggi i risultati del trilogo sul regolamento sullo scambio automatizzato di dati per la cooperazione di polizia (“Prüm II”). I membri del P
Google Update Reveals AI Will Start Reading All Your Private Messages
2024-01-28 · 5 min Google has just unveiled a game-changing AI upgrade for Android. But it has a darker side. Google’s AI will start to read and analyze your private messages, going back forever. So what does this mean for you, how do you maintain your privacy, and when does it begin. There’s u
Technitium | Push The Limits
2024-01-28 · 1 min MeshTechnitium Mesh is a secure, anonymous, peer-to-peer (p2p), open source instant messenger designed to provide end-to-end encryption. It can be used for messaging over the Internet as well as private LAN networks not connected to the Internet.The software relies on strong cryp
New chat control gate leak: Intelligence industrial network suggests undermining encryption for other purposes than CSAM
2024-01-25 · 2 min „Follow the money“ has published lobby documents produced by surveillance-tech provider Thorn, some of which the EU Commission had tried to hide from the public. EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Johansson teamed up with a network of foreign organisations to propose mandatory
PIRATES call for an end to voluntary chat control 1.0 by big tech companies
2024-01-23 · 2 min Now that the EU plans for mandatory screening of private communications and undermining secure encryption (chat control 2.0) have been put on ice for the time being due to a lack of majority in the EU Council, last week the European Parliaments‘s socialist chief negotiator Birg
2024-01-17 · 1 min Letture e recensioni italiane nel fediverso Questa è l'istanza italiana bookwyrm per gli appassionati di libri di Mastodon.Uno, gestita dai devol. Da qui potete Informarvi sui libri, seguite le vostre letture e scoprite cosa stanno leggendo i vostri amici. BookWyrm è privo di
Linee Guida di TikTok per i Rapporti con le Forze dell’Ordine
2024-01-16 · 15 min Ultimo aggiornamento: 24 Maggio 2022Le presenti linee guida (“Linee Guida”) costituiscono un riferimento per i funzionari delle forze dell’ordine alla ricerca di dati di utenti della piattaforma TikTok (la “Piattaforma”) presso qualsiasi società TikTok elencata nella
Work inside the machine: How pre saves and algorithmic marketing turn musicians into influencers AlgorithmWatch
2024-01-08 · 7 min “New track coming soon, to pre-save it, click on the link below.” “Can’t wait to share this song with you, pre-save now!” This is how some artists promote their unreleased tracks in advance. Initially created by Spotify, the idea is simple: Users click on the “like”
[Report] Exercising workers’ rights in algorithmic management systems
2024-01-05 · < 1 min New challenges for workers’rightsAccording to the authors of this ETUI’s report, collecting evidence about algorithmic management is critical for workers seeking to enforce their rights by filing complaints with national DPAs or competent courts.The availability of techn

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