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2024-04-24 · 75 min [Research] [Blog] [Videos] [Politics] [My Book] [Music] [Seminars] [Contact Details] Machine Learning needs Better Randomness Standards: Randomised Smoothing and PRNG-based attacks shows that the randomness tests long used to check random number generators for use in cryptograp
chatcontrol: i ministri dell’Unione Europea non vogliono la scansione indiscriminata dei messaggi. Ma solo per sé stessi e per i loro amici!
2024-04-16 · 2 min Riportiamo il post pubblicato oggi dall’europarlamentare pirata Patrick Breyer.Secondo l’ultima bozza della controversa proposta di regolamento UE sugli abusi sessuali sui min ori, trapelata dalla testata giornalistica francese Contexte, di cui hanno discusso gli Stati membri
Condivisione dei dati della polizia: “PRÜM II” manca di garanzie
2024-02-09 · 1 min Riportiamo il post pubblicato oggi 8 Febbraio sul sito del Partito pirata europeoStrasburgo, 02/08/2024 – I deputati hanno approvato oggi i risultati del trilogo sul regolamento sullo scambio automatizzato di dati per la cooperazione di polizia (“Prüm II”). I membri del P
Chat control in the EU Parliament today, in court tomorrow
2024-02-07 · 2 min The EU Committee on Internal Affairs today gave the green light for an extension of the controversial chat control regulation permitting US internet companies to automatically search all private messages for suspected content. A motion to reject the proposal was only supported by
New chat control gate leak: Intelligence industrial network suggests undermining encryption for other purposes than CSAM
2024-01-25 · 2 min „Follow the money“ has published lobby documents produced by surveillance-tech provider Thorn, some of which the EU Commission had tried to hide from the public. EU Internal Affairs Commissioner Johansson teamed up with a network of foreign organisations to propose mandatory
PIRATES call for an end to voluntary chat control 1.0 by big tech companies
2024-01-23 · 2 min Now that the EU plans for mandatory screening of private communications and undermining secure encryption (chat control 2.0) have been put on ice for the time being due to a lack of majority in the EU Council, last week the European Parliaments‘s socialist chief negotiator Birg
chatcontrol, Feedback from: Microsoft
2023-12-23 · < 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
Chat control evaluation report: EU Commission fails to demonstrate effectiveness of mass surveillance of intimate personal photos and videos
2023-12-22 · 2 min Yesterday, the EU Commission published its long-overdue report on the effectiveness of voluntary chat control. Claiming to protect children, major US providers such as Meta, Google and Microsoft automatically bulk search private chats, messages and emails for suspicious content,
Secure encryption and end of voluntary chat control on Facebook and Instagram protect innocent users and support law enforcement!
2023-12-07 · 1 min Meta, the company behind Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has announced significant security enhancements to its Messenger direct messaging service. In the future all personal calls and messages will be end-to-end encrypted by default. Pirate Party Member of the European Parliam
EP rejects mass scanning of private messages European Digital Rights (EDRi)
2023-11-30 · 4 min On 22 November, the European Parliament officially adopted its position on the draft ‘Regulation laying down rules to prevent and combat child sexual abuse’ (CSAR). With strong support for this position from all seven European political groups, this marks a positivedevelopmen
Noyb files complaint against EU Commission over targeted chat control ads
2023-11-16 · 3 min Today, noyb filed a complaint against the EU Commission’s Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs. In September 2023, the Commission used unlawful micro-targeting on Twitter (X) to promote its heavily criticized chat control regulation. It seems that the Commission w

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