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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Piattaforme di social media federate: il TechDispatch 1/2022 del #GarantePrivacy europeo · 2022-10-01 18:40:12 11 min Il 26 luglio 2022, l’Unità Tecnologia e Privacy dell’EDPS ha pubblicato la sua prima edizione TechDispatch dell’anno 2022 sul tema Fediverso e Piattaforme Social Media Federate. Dalla sua fondazione nel 2019, ogni edizione di TechDispatch mira a fornire una descrizione
TechDispatch #1/2022 Federated Social Media Platforms · 2022-10-01 18:37:23 8 min The Fediverse consists of many independent, interoperable social media platforms that allow their users to interact with each other across those platforms. In the absence of vendor lock-in, users can choose a platform with terms and data location matching their preferences.I. Wha
IMPulse K1 Encrypted Smartphone CryptoDATA · 2022-09-26 15:03:33 3 min Secured smartphone Blockchain technologyA smartphone designed to provide user privacy and ensure its data security. Built-in security-optimized features that facilitate connection between all our encryption mobile devices.Get it now for USD$349Buy nowPlay videoSecurityFeatureshar
Its not how little it costs, its how much you get | · 2022-09-23 23:13:44 < 1 min La Commodore è entusiasta di lanciare una nuova iniziativa editoriale dedicata alla community di utilizzatori e appassionati dei computer della grande C, siano essi storici o moderni.Un team editoriale capitanato da Massimiliano Conte, veterano della divulgazione storica de
Cyber Resilience Act: requisiti fondamentali e prodotti coinvolti Cyber Security 360 · 2022-09-22 23:14:23 5 min È stata di recente pubblicata la proposta di legge UE riguardante la cyber security dei prodotti connessi che si chiama Cyber Resilience Act (ovvero CRA).È un passo fondamentale per aumentare la consapevolezza dell’importanza della cyber security in tutti gli aspetti del cicl
M8 Tracker · 2022-09-22 13:12:07 < 1 min Skip to product informationDirtywaveM8 is currently sold out. More units expected November 2022 but may change due to chip shortages.Please note: Your order may also incur additional fees and taxes when shipping outside the United States. These charges are the buyer's respo
Tracker Polyend · 2022-09-22 13:11:58 3 min A retro form factor updated with forward looking functionality and designed as an easy to use compact standalone workstation. Made for creatives who break patterns on a daily basis. Designed to help artists forge unique avenues of sonic construction. Introducing the first hardwar
Smartphone e tablet Linux 2022 alternativalinux · 2022-09-22 09:21:06 19 min Indice articolo 1 Perché alternative ad Android e iOS? 2 PINE64 PinePhone Pro 3 Purism Librem 5 4 Fairphone 4 5G 5 F(x)tec Pro 1 X 6 Astro Slide 5G 7 Volla Phone 8 JingPad A1 9 PineTab 10 CutiePI Tablet 11 RasPad 3 12 Conclusioni Smartphone e tablet con Linux 2022. Vediamo il
How to Set Up Your Own Home VPN Server · 2022-09-19 16:06:29 7 min Ivan Marc/ShutterstockVirtual Private Networks (VPNs) are very useful, whether you’re traveling the world or just using public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop in your hometown. But you don’t necessarily have to pay for a VPN service—you could host your own VPN server at home.Your h
Hackers · 2022-09-19 15:39:56 43 min Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy (Goodreads Author) 4.15  ·  Rating details  ·  7,745 ratings  ·  466 reviews A mere fifteen years ago, computer nerds were seen as marginal weirdos, outsiders whose world would never resonate with t
Music tracker · 2022-09-19 09:22:20 10 min Jump to navigation Jump to search OpenMPT, a tracker running in Microsoft Windows. A music tracker (sometimes referred to as just tracker for short) is a type of music sequencer software for creating music. The music is represented as discrete musical notes positioned in
Insegnare Coding senza computer, alcune risorse utili Orizzonte Scuola Notizie · 2022-09-18 08:43:20 3 min Didattica 12 Lug 2017 - 9:03 Di Antonio Faccioli Tutte le volte che vado in libreria mi soffermo sempre a sfogliare i manuali di informatica e nei giorni scorsi mi è capitato di prendere visione di una guida dedicata agli insegnanti. Si trattava di una serie di bellissimi volum
Wear leveling · 2022-09-17 08:48:11 8 min Jump to navigation Jump to search Wear leveling (also written as wear levelling) is a technique[1] for prolonging the service life of some kinds of erasable computer storage media, such as flash memory, which is used in solid-state drives (SSDs) and USB flash drives, and phas
Il Cyber Resilience Act è proposta di legge Ue Cyber Security 360 · 2022-09-16 11:37:00 2 min La Commissione europea ha presentato il Cyber Resilience Act, la proposta di legge in ambito UE per la sicurezza informatica dei dispositivi connessi, dai notebook alla smart home, a rischio crescente di cyber attacchi, violazione della privacy o furto di dati.“La proposta di l
Matt Von Kingbigsaw ( · 2022-09-16 08:23:05 1 min SeguiIl mio Raspberry Pi 3B+, che uso come server domestico, ha le seguenti funzioni:- Server DNS (pihole)- Server VPN (wireguard)- Server Samba- Server Torrent (qBittorrent)- Server ed2k/kad (aMule)- Server TV (tvheadend con tv hat ufficiale)E il tutto con 300 MB di RAM utilizza
State of the Union: New EU cybersecurity rules ensure more secure hardware and software products · 2022-09-15 15:12:59 < 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
La batteria del futuro ai nano diamanti sfrutterà la radioattività e non avrà bisogno di essere ricaricata Il Fatto Quotidiano · 2022-09-08 10:11:20 2 min Entro un paio di anni il settore automobilistico, quello dei dispositivi hi-tech mobili e molti altri ancora potrebbero essere letteralmente rivoluzionati da un'innovativa batteria basata su nano-diamanti ricavati da grafite radioattiva riciclata dai reattori nucleari. Sicura, ec
SelfPrivacy | F Droid Free and Open Source Android App Repository · 2022-09-06 06:28:41 2 min SelfPrivacy - is a platform on your cloud hosting, that allows to deploy your own private services and control them using mobile application.To use this application, you'll be required to create accounts of different service providers. Please reffer to this manual: https://selfpr
Lear All About Our Directory · 2022-09-05 19:46:47 12 min What Powers Our Directory? As former directory editors, we were sad to see DMOZ announce their closure on short notice, so we decided to use their RDF file to preserve the work & create a static snapshot of their web directory. Directory Features Our site does not carry adv
ODP Web Directory Built With the DMOZ RDF Database · 2022-09-05 19:42:58 < 1 min ArtsMovies, Television, Music... BusinessJobs, Real Estate, Investing... ComputersInternet, Software, hardware... GamesVideo Games, RPGs, Gambling... HealthFitness, Medicine Alternative... HomeFamily, Consumers, Cooking... Kids and TeensArts, School Time, Teen Life... NewsMe
Playdate (console) · 2022-09-03 09:09:45 11 min Jump to navigation Jump to search PlaydatePlaydate with the crank in an open positionAlso known asAsheville (code name)[1]DeveloperPanic Inc.TypeHandheld game consoleRelease dateApril 18, 2022Introductory price US$179[2]CPU STMicroelectronics STM32F746 (ARM Cortex-M7F) 180
Playdate. Pre order now! · 2022-09-03 08:49:02 2 min The System.Playdate is familiar, but unlike anything you've ever seen. It has a very special black and white screen – not backlit, but super reflective – that looks way more amazing than you're probably imagining.It also has a peppy little processor, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (coming
I didn’t break this but I REALLY want to · 2022-09-02 12:54:40 3 min I didn’t break this but I REALLY want to - Invidious Linus Tech Tips Join us in War Thunder for FREE at Get an exclusive bonus using our link - thanks for supporting the channel! Foldable tech is still so new we don’t know what to do with it yet. ASUS thi
Un PC nella tua tasca: Librem 5, un telefono Software Libero FSFE · 2022-09-02 00:49:47 9 min Pubblicato il: Su Librem 5 gira il totalmente convergente PureOS, che significa che è possibile portare il proprio desktop nel proprio telefono. Il suo ambiente grafico dedicato, Phosh, sta diventando un'opzione popolare per i telefoni Linux. Guido Günther, uno dei principali s
Flipper Zero: la guida completa Luca Mercatanti · 2022-08-26 05:05:16 5 min Flipper Zero è un dispositivo “All In One” portatile per attività di Hacking, pentesting e Sicurezza Informatica. Sul sito ufficiale viene descritto come “Portable Multi-tool Device for Geeks”. Flipper Zero è, nella pratica, uno strumento multiuso portatile per pentest
Flipper Zero · 2022-08-25 22:13:08 8 min Flipper Zero – Lab401 Powerful, pocket-sized. The Flipper Zero is the ultimate multi-tool for geeks, pentesters and hardware enthusiasts alike.Quantity Overview Shipping Please note : This is the European Flipper, compliant with European / UK Radio Frequencies and standards.
The Complete List of Hacker And Cybersecurity Movies · 2022-08-19 15:55:07 67 min The Complete List of Hacker And Cybersecurity MoviesPosted at 00:31h in Lists by “Hacker’s Movie Guide” with Foreword by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of AppleSausalito, Calif. – Apr. 7, 2022  | Press Release  |  Book ReviewsThe “Hacker’s Movie Guide” 2022–2023
Best Privacy Tools in 2022: Encryption Against Surveillance · 2022-08-17 09:03:24 54 min Improve the privacy of your friends & family by sharing this website For easy copy & paste on social media platforms, messengers and emails. VPN Privacy Guide: The best and most reliable VPN Services We have compared 185 different VPN providers, but our strict criteria l
Documents Reveal Advanced AI Tools Google Is Selling to Israel · 2022-08-08 20:26:31 15 min Training materials reviewed by The Intercept confirm that Google is offering advanced artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities to the Israeli government through its controversial “Project Nimbus” contract. The Israeli Finance Ministry announced the contract
Use Cases and Requirements for Decentralized Identifiers · 2022-08-02 09:01:50 61 min Use Cases and Requirements for Decentralized Identifiers The need for globally unique identifier schemes has been addressed many times. Globally unique ID schemes typically rely on a central authority controlling a 'root' space that is then delegated to local organizations who i

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