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Jumping the licensing shark
2023-03-30 · 17 min The concept of copyleft is compelling in a lot of ways, at least for those who want to promote software freedom in the world. Bradley Kuhn is certainly one of those people and has long been working on various aspects of copyleft licensing and compliance, along with software f
Delta Chat: Good news from security audits, past and present
2023-03-30 · 2 min March 27, 2023 by missytake, holgaIn case you wonder how safe Delta Chat’s core messaging implementation and server guides are, you may be interested in the summary statement from the recent independent security audit by Cure53:"... a positive impression following the completio
Building a DOS ChatGPT client in 2023
2023-03-29 · 9 min With the recent attention on ChatGPT and OpenAI’s release of their APIs, many developers have developed clients for modern platforms to talk to this super smart AI chatbot. However I’m pretty sure almost nobody has written one for a vintage platform like MS-DOS.Let’s jump r
15 Places Where You Can Buy linux Computers
2023-03-25 · 10 min Almost all the non-Apple computers sold today come with Windows preinstalled. The standard procedure for linux users is to buy such a computer and then either remove Windows and install linux or dual boot linux with Windows.But you don’t always have to go through Windows. You
ChatGPT but Open Source: That's What This Project is Aiming For
2023-03-17 · 2 min Companies with deep pockets entirely control powerful chatbots like ChatGPT.Whether you find the existence of AI-powered chatbots like ChatGPT useful is a different story 😅It takes a lot of effort to maintain the architecture that supports the working of such a chatbot. Sure,
Restic · Backups done right!
2023-03-16 · 3 min Restic is a modern backup program that can back up your files: from linux, BSD, Mac and Windows to many different storage types, including self-hosted and online services easily, being a single executable that you can run without a server or complex setup effectively, only
Medical Devices Should Use Free Software +++ 25 New Videos FSFE
2023-03-07 · 4 min Pubblicato il  In this issue we have a podcast episode about the need that medical devices have Free Software. Watch our talks from FOSDEM and videos about legal issues when developing. Participants of YH4F are already coding. Thanks to all your contributions, our fundraising e
Free Online OCR Image to text and PDF to Doc converter
2023-03-02 · < 1 min Picture to text converter allows you to extract text from image or convert PDF to Word, Excel or Text formatsusing Optical Character Recognition software online1 STEP - Upload fileSELECT FILE...2 STEP - Select language and output format 3 STEP - ConvertMax file size 15 mb
Spid verrà "spento"?
2023-02-21 · 11 min La CIE è cmq più rompiscatole dello SPID, perchè richiede il lettore di smart card, installare il software… quando lo SPID ormai è diventato molto diffuso, cercano di eliminarlo… Senza contare che la CIE ti obbliga ad avere un cellulare con NFC o un lettore da collegare
Spid verrà "spento"?
2023-02-21 · 11 min segnalo Corriere della Sera – 19 Dec 22 Il governo vuole spegnere l’identità digitale Spid? Il sottosegretario alla Presidenza del Consiglio con delega all’Innovazione tecnologica Alessio Butti ha dichiarato l’intenzione di «avere la carta d’identità elettronica com
Pieter Vander Vennet's Diary | OpenStreetMap is in trouble | OpenStreetMap
2023-02-08 · 21 min Posted by Pieter Vander Vennet on 6 February 2023 in English (English). Last updated on 7 February 2023. It is a long-standing tradition that every now and then, a member of the OpenStreetMap-community posts that OSM is in trouble. Often times, these essays complain abo
EU chat control law will ban open source operating systems Blog | Mullvad VPN
2023-02-02 · 3 min Update: Open source OSes might be saved from being covered depending on the interpretation of EU regulation 2019/1150 2.2.c.To be considered an online intermediation service it requires a contractual relationship between the service and any businesses using it. The open source li

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