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Adrian Doerk on LinkedIn: #eudi #wallet #eidas #trilogue #arf #lsp #ewc #potential #nobid #dc4eu… | 20 comments
2023-05-24 · 1 min Adrian DoerkSSI Ambassador | Lissi | IDunion | at neosfer GmbH7h Exciting News from 🇪🇺 ! The European Commission is investing €46 million in four pilot projects to develop and test the European Digital Identity #EUDI #Wallet! 🚀 Shaping Europe's Digital Future, describe
News DA Update | Piltz Legal
2023-05-07 · 3 min The European Commission has presented a proposal for a Regulation on harmonised rules on fair access to and use of data (Data Act), to which the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have meanwhile adopted their positions (you can find out more about the indiv
Creepiest surveillance tech at CES 2020
2023-04-29 · 1 min by Zlata Ivleva(opens in a new tab) by Zlata Ivleva(opens in a new tab) CES doesn’t phase me anymore. After years of traveling to Vegas to be dazzled by the latest technology and gadget innovations, it all feels meh. But maybe that’s the problem — we’ve become im
Free, Legally Binding electronic Signatures | Signaturely
2023-04-13 · 3 min Super simple signatures Upload a document now — get it legally signed blazing fast Create free account 4.9/5 stars on No credit card required 4.9/5 stars on No credit card required Are you struggling to sign documents seamlessly? When signing b
Texts adopted Data Act Tuesday, 14 March 2023
2023-04-12 · 206 min THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL OF THE EUROPEAN UNION,Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 114 thereof, Having regard to the proposal from the European Commission, After transmission of the draft legislative act
IA ICO Response tu GOV
2023-04-11 · 15 min 1 The Information Commissioner’s response to the Governm ent ’s AI White Paper About the ICO 1. The Information Commissioner has responsibility in the UK for promoting and enforcing the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), the
ChatGPT Block. Why the Italian Data Protection is wrong – Andrea Monti
2023-04-09 · 6 min The “ChatGPT block” was ordered on 30 March 2023 by the Italian data protection authority on the grounds that the data used to train the model had been collected without informing the people to whom it related and without verifying their age. This, according to the order, exp
CieID Apps on Google Play
2023-04-01 · 3 min About this app With the CieID app you can access the online services of the Public Administration and private individuals adhering to "Enter with CIE".Activate your CIE credentials (level 1 and 2) on, open the App and certify your device. You will be able to
Hello Dolly: Democratizing the magic of ChatGPT with open models
2023-03-25 · 10 min SummaryWe show that anyone can take a dated off-the-shelf open source large language model (LLM) and give it magical ChatGPT-like instruction following ability by training it in 30 min utes on one machine, using high-quality training data. Surprisingly, instruction-following doe
Email Header Analyzer Trace Email Address Source
2023-03-09 · 6 min About Message Header Analyzer - Email Header AnalyzerMessage Header Analyzer When you receive an email notification, the first thing you do is check the sender. That is the quickest way to figure out, who sends you that email, and what its content will be. But did you know that e
What's (still) wrong with Estonian e voting?
2023-03-09 · 26 min March 5, 2023 Estonia spouts official and binding electronic elections since 2005 and it has been a controversial yet an interesting journey. The building blocks of initial system have been replaced, but the lure of trusting operational security instead of democratic oversight i
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