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Guerre di Rete Ciao GPT 4, arrivederci team sull'etica AI
2023-03-18 · 13 min Trasparenza ed etica dell'AI. Il piano della Cina per il digitale. Guerre di Rete - una newsletter di notizie cyber a cura di Carola Frediani N.155 - 18 marzo 2023 Specie per i nuovi, ricordo che questa newsletter (che oggi conta più di 11mila iscritti - ma molti più lett
Microsoft just laid off one of its responsible AI teams
2023-03-15 · 12 min (Ashkan Forouzani / Unsplash)I.Microsoft laid off its entire ethics and society team within the artificial intelligence organization as part of recent layoffs that affected 10,000 employees across the company, Platformer has learned. The move leaves Microsoft without a dedic
Confermati i vantaggi dell’approccio multicloud. Il parere di Aruba
2023-03-01 · 4 min Per Massimo Bandinelli, Marketing Manager di Aruba Enterprise, l’approccio multicloud è vantaggioso: costi ottimizzati, agilità di lavoro, libertà di scelta. Il mercato del cloud in Italia ha sfiorato i 4,6 miliardi di euro nel 2022, facendo registrare un +18% rispetto
Signal CEO: We “1,000% won’t participate” in UK law to weaken encryption
2023-03-01 · 5 min Enlarge / Signal app on a phone. Getty Images The nonprofit responsible for the Signal messenger app is prepared to exit the UK if the country requires providers of encrypted communications to alter their products to ensure user messages are free of material that’s harmful to c
Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption
2023-03-01 · 4 min Image source, Getty ImagesBy Chris VallanceTechnology reporter, BBC NewsThe encrypted-messaging app Signal has said it would stop providing services in the UK if a new law undermined encryption.If forced to weaken the privacy of its messaging system under the Online Safety Bill,
2023-02-28 · 9 min Today's links VW wouldn't help find kidnapped child because his mother wasn't paying for find-my-car subscription: All the harms of surveillance, none of the benefits. Hey look at this: Delights to delectate. This day in history: 2003, 2008, 2013, 2018 Colophon: Recent publicati
EDPS to pilot the use of Open Source Software
2023-02-24 · 2 min Press Release EDPS to pilot the use of Open Source Software In February 2023, the EDPS has started piloting the use of the Open Source Software Nextcloud and Libreoffice Online. Together, theyoffer the possibility to share files, send messages, make video calls, and allows collab
Kaspersky, il budget per la cybersecurity è un argomento tabù
2023-02-23 · 3 min Kaspersky: per i dirigenti C-level italiani è difficile adottare soluzioni di sicurezza e parlare di aumento di budget con i dirigenti non IT. Infatti uno studio di Kaspersky ha rivelato che, in Italia, un dirigente C-level su tre è in difficoltà a discutere dell’adozi
Token2 c202 TOTP hardware token for office 365 and Azure MFA
2023-02-20 · < 1 min We detected that you are visiting this website from an EU country. We recommend to continue with our EU website.Choose the locationWe detected that you are visiting this website from United Kingdom. We recommend to continue with our GBP website. Please note that only pricing
‘All we have had is losses’: Royal Mail dismisses ‘absurd’ $80m ransom demand
2023-02-16 · 2 min Royal Mail rejected an “absurd” ransom demand for $80m (£67m) from hackers linked to Russia, according to transcripts that offer a rare glimpse into negotiations when companies are hit by a ransomware cyberattack.The delivery company has been battling a ransomware attack sin
Balsamiq's Locations Around the World | Balsamiq
2023-02-15 · 3 min We have people in the USA (in California and Illinois), and Europe. This allows us to provide top-notch customer support, and gives us a diverse and global culture.Remote-first, with a NestBeing remote-first means that there are no first-class and second-class employees at Balsam
Disinformazione ed elezioni: screditare il candidato ai familiari, entrando in gmail e telegram.
2023-02-15 · 8 min The undercover footage was filmed by three reporters, who approached Team Jorge posing as prospective clients.In more than six hours of secretly recorded meetings, Hanan and his team spoke of how they could gather intelligence on rivals, including by using hacking techniques to a

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