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767 I trend del 2018

2017-12-30 spataro

Eccole le tendenze ? Univoche. Incredibili.

E non riguardano solo il mondo legale.

Top 10 Posts of 2017 (First Published in 2017)

Debuting Tomorrow: A Keyboard Designed Just for Lawyers (Jan. 4, 2017).
Now Lawyers Can Say, ?Alexa, Track My Time? (May 9, 2017).
After Five Years in Stealth Mode, Judicata Reveals Its Legal Research Service (May 3, 2017).
ABA Issues Major Ruling on Ethics of Email and Electronic Communications (May 12, 2017).
This App May Forever Change How You Read Legal Documents (March 14, 2017).
ROSS AI Plus Wexis Outperforms Either Westlaw or LexisNexis Alone, Study Finds (Jan. 17, 2017).
The 10 Technologies That Most Drive Law Firm Effectiveness, According to New Survey (Aug. 3, 2017).
New Index Measures Law Schools on Innovation and Technology Programs (Nov. 2, 2017).
Free Law Project Has Now Made Every PACER Opinion Searchable (Aug. 22, 2017).
Breaking: LexisNexis Acquires Ravel Law (June 8, 2017).

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