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2021-08-16 spataro

Legal design, even analytic, is not enough if you don't know "how to lie with infographics" (Alessandro Cairo, 2019) and "How to lie with statistics" (Darrell Huff, 1955).

If you study both of them you become a better person. If you read "Brand positioning formula" (Marco De Veglia, 2018) you can even focus on what matters, with method.

Teachers: give this books to your students. Now. We do not study how to argue and how to defend ourselves from fake news and bad argues.

Finally, if you want to focus on contents in a pro active context, moving from documents to conversations with readers,nread "Designing ecommerce websites, 66 guidelines" (Matt Isherwood, 2017)

You can learn from books the contents or also the universal principles they describes. It's up to you.

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- how charts lie:
- come i grafici mentono:
- how to lie with statistics:
- mentire con le statistiche:
- designing ecommerce websites:
- brand positioning formula:

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