Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

USCC warns EU against excluding foreign cloud vendors
2022-12-01 · 3 min USCC warns EU against excluding foreign cloud vendors - BM Home World1 December 2022in WorldShare on FacebookBelgium, (Brussels Morning Newspaper) The US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) warned the EU against adopting plans to exclude foreign cloud service providers from its market.In
Cos'è Matrix? Un nuovo protocollo di messaggistica Le Alternative
2022-11-30 · 6 min Segnala errori o suggerisci alternative Segnala errori donazioni Aggiornato il: 22 Agosto, 2022 Indice dei contenuti Cos’è Matrix? Cos’è Matrix? I bot Non è tutt’oro quel che luccica Matrix, Telegram, Whatsapp e Signal Altre applicazioni oltre Element Da qualche t
Malicious URL Scanner | Scan URLs for Malware | Malware URL Checker
2022-11-29 · 6 min Malicious URL Scanner | Scan URLs for Malware | Malware URL Checker Check suspicious links with the IPQS malicious URL scanner. Real-time results detect phishing links and malware domains with accurate, deep machine learning analysis. Check URLs for phishing, malware, viruses, ab
Check if a website is Malicious/Scam or Safe/Legit | URLVoid
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Mastodon Privacy Policy Generator
2022-11-28 · 8 min Last updated: {{lastUpdated}}1. Who we are{{instanceName}} (hereafter “we”, “us” or “the service”) is a non-profit donation-based service that provides Mastodon social media accounts to the {{instanceCommunity}} (“you”). For the purpose of connecting and interacti
Wickr’s free encrypted messaging app is shutting down next year
2022-11-25 · 1 min Amazon/ Tech/ Apps / The Amazon-owned Wickr Me will go away for good on December 31st, 2023. By Emma Roth Nov 19, 2022, 7:41 PM UTC| Share this story Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Wickr Me, the free encrypted messaging app owned by Amazon Web Servic
Can Mastodon Survive Europe’s Digital Services Act?
2022-11-18 · 8 min Konstantinos Komaitis is an Internet policy expert and author. He also serves at the Advisory Council of Tremau. Louis-Victor de Franssu, is the co-founder and CEO of Tremau, a technology Trust & Safety start-up, located in Paris. Koshiro K/ShutterstockIt has been around two
Video Recorder – Registra video dalla tua webcam
2022-11-15 · 1 min /Save unprocessed video?You can save unprocessed video if processing takes too long.Delete video?If you have not saved this recording, you will not be able to restore it.Trying to reconnectImpossibile elaborare il video sul server. Puoi salvare "così com'è", ma potrebbe avere a
Shopify illegal? Wie mir die Datenschutzbehörde die Nutzung meines Shopify Shops für rechtswidrig erklärte (Erfahrungsbericht
2022-11-15 · 11 min Der Artikel ist am 11.11.22 erschienen und wird regelmäßig über weitere Entwicklungen zum Thema aktualisiert. Zu den Updates. Am 13.06.2022 nahm meine persönliche Erfolgsgeschichte mit Shopify eine dramatische Wendung. Die Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Infor
German Court Fines website Owner for Violating the GDPR by Using Google Hosted Fonts
2022-11-14 · 1 min In late January, a Munich regional court ruled that a plaintiff was entitled to injunctive relief and damages of 100 € from an undisclosed website owner for passing on the visitor’s IP address to Google through the use of Google Fonts.Since it is possible to use the fonts wit
Audio | Disroot
2022-11-14 · < 1 min MumbleDisroot's Audio is powered by Mumble. Mumble is a free, open source, low latency, high quality voice chat application. It was originally intended for gamers, but it can be use to organize audio meeting, conference, etc.NOTE!You don't need any account to use Mumble. But
Accessibility | MDN
2022-11-12 · 3 min Accessibility (often abbreviated to A11y — as in, "a", then 11 characters, and then "y") in web development means enabling as many people as possible to use websites, even when those people's abilities are limited in some way.For many people, technology makes things easier. For

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Tutti i giorni alle 8.30 ascoltaci sul sito oppure su:

cerca caffe20 on Spreaker caffe20 on Spotify Twitter Alexa caffe20 on Estensione caffe20 on iTunes caffe20 on Google Calendar