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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Data Act 2023/2854 art. 2 IT
2023-12-22 · 13 min search BG CS DA DE EL EN ES ET FI FR GA HR HU IT LV LT MT NL PL PT RO SK SL SV print pdf2023/2854 IT Art. 2 . Output generated live by software developed by IusOnDemand srlexpand index : Articolo 1 Oggetto e ambito di applicazione Articolo 2 Definizioni Artico
AI In A Box Envisions AI As A Private, Offline, Hackable Module
2023-10-31 · 1 min [Useful Sensors] aims to embed a variety of complementary AI tools into a small, private, self-contained module with no internet connection with AI in a Box. It can do live voice recognition and captioning, live translation, and natural language conversational interaction with a
2023-10-30 · 1 min Crea una mappaGioca con la demo Delitos Tumbaco 2023Delitos Tumbaco 2023 di Anagabrielabarragan53129-7253129-7353129-7453129-7553129-7753129-7853129-7953129-8053129-8153332-0853175-0153175-0253175-0353175-0453175-0553175-0653175-0753175-0853175-0953175-1053127-0153127-0253127-0
Which browsers are best for privacy?
2023-09-12 · 477 min Alt-SvcAlt-Svc allows the server to indicate to the web browser that a resource should be loaded on a different server. Because this is a persistent setting, it could be used to track users across websites if it is not correctly partitioned.   write: async () => { // Clea
How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI Generated Voice
2023-08-19 · 7 min The bank thought it was talking to me; the AI-generated voice certainly sounded the same. On Wednesday, I phoned my bank’s automated service line. To start, the bank asked me to say in my own words why I was calling. Rather than speak out loud, I clicked a file on my nearby l

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Tutti i giorni alle 8.30 by Valentino Spataro; dal 2008

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