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Electronic voting by country · 2022-01-16 11:28:34+01:00 estimated reading time: 52 min Jump to navigation Jump to search Main article: Electronic voting Part of a series onElection technology Certification of voting machines Independent Testing Authority (ITA) NVLAP VVSG End-to-end auditable voting systems Help America Vote Act Independe
GDPR and Google Analytics: Google, you are not an island! · 2022-01-16 01:00:35+01:00 estimated reading time: 13 min This might seem a long post, but it’s length is needed to accurately explain my personal interpretation on how Google, and more specifically Google Analytics is dealing with the GDPR. Opinions are my own.I was fortunate enough to receive, through my trus
The unique advantages of a native WordPress consent management plugin · 2022-01-12 18:43:57+01:00 estimated reading time: 4 min Most users don’t really think about it, but unlike many other cookie banner solutions, Complianz is a fully WordPress native cookie banner plugin that works directly from your server! This is not by accident: when we started building Complianz we analyzed
EUR Lex 52021PC0731 EN · 2022-01-11 09:22:35+01:00 estimated reading time: 94 min EUROPEAN COMMISSIONBrussels, 25.11.2021COM(2021) 731 final2021/0381(COD)Proposal for aREGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCILon the transparency and targeting of political advertising(Text with EEA relevance){SEC(2021) 575 final} - {SWD(20
SuperAuth Apps on Google Play · 2022-01-10 22:09:03+01:00 estimated reading time: 1 min SuperAuth is a revolutionary application that enables you to safely sign in to websites or apps without needing a username or password from any computer, smartphone, tablet, kiosk, or other device. SuperAuth also ensures that you are secure and protected fr
R/degoogle [TUTORIAL] How to DeGoogle any Android phone WITHOUT root! · 2022-01-09 23:34:47+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min I will show you how to uninstall/disable any system app without root, the process takes around 2 min utes and is reversible (therefore 100% safe) so if something goes wrong you can always reinstall or reenable the app. To get started, all you need is your p
Computers as I used to love them · 2022-01-09 13:40:51+01:00 estimated reading time: 8 min Illustration by Yulia ProkopovaTranslations: RussianI’ve been struggling with file sync solutions for years. In the beginning, Dropbox was great, but in the last few years, they started to bloat up. I moved to iCloud, but it was even worse. Finally, a fe
La privacy secondo Snowden · 2022-01-09 10:00:20+01:00 estimated reading time: 3 min Parlare di privacy all’indomani dei sanguinosi eventi di Parigi potrebbe apparire anacronistico. Ma la lotta al terrorismo non dovrebbe passare per un arretramento sul fronte dei diritti personali. Per quanto può risultare difficile si tratta di trovare Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear Bazzell, Michael · 2022-01-09 09:36:20+01:00 estimated reading time: < 1 min ASIN ‏ : ‎ B094LDWKGZ Editore ‏
Yubico – YubiKey 5 NFC – Due Factor Autentication USB e NFC Security Key, adatto per porte e lavori con dispositivi mobili NFC supportati, protegge i vostri account online con More Than a password. : Informatica · 2022-01-09 09:34:34+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min Yo soy un aficionado a la informática, que me gusta probar productos como este, y ver si me pueden servir, y también para reseñarlos.El primer punto a tener en cuenta es que a pesar de que no es necesario técnicamente, la compra de otra llave idéntica
Una rivoluzione 'a metà'. La firma digitale o Spid c'è e funziona, ma per le liste elettorali è stata vietata da un accordo tra tutti i partiti L'uovo di Colombo · 2022-01-01 10:47:27+01:00 estimated reading time: 13 min SommarioLa ‘rivoluzione’ dello Spid c’è e funziona, ma è stata bloccata da un accordo tra tutti i grandi partiti Nb: questo articolo è stato pubblicato sul portale del gruppo Qn “Luce” il 20 dicembre 2021 Il ‘mistero glorioso’ dello Spid:
The Tank, la radio nel braccio della morte · 2021-12-30 01:17:47+01:00 estimated reading time: 11 min 29 dicembre 2021 15:28 Appena supero la chiesa di East Tempe, alla periferia di Livingston, nel Texas, dalla mia radio esce il suono delle risate finte. Vengono da Martin, una sitcom televisiva vecchia di tre decenni. L’umorismo di questi fittizi abitant
Website evidence collector/ at master · EU EDPS/website evidence collector · 2021-12-29 00:28:22+01:00 estimated reading time: 11 min Installation and UseWhy does the installation with npm install fail with ‘permision denied’?How can I install the website evidence collector if I do not have root/administrator permission or do not want to employ root/administrator permission?The websi
BeeBEEP Free Office Messenger Official Website · 2021-12-28 15:07:45+01:00 estimated reading time: 8 min Do you like BeeBEEP? Click here and make a small donation to help me continue to develop it.BeeBEEP is the free office messenger that is indispensable in all those places where privacy and security are an essential requirement.5.8.4 Free OpenSourceEN ITHi,
Serverless Messenger: Mystery Debunked · 2021-12-28 15:05:47+01:00 estimated reading time: 3 min The concept of a serverless messenger has been around for some time. Now, messaging app developers are already focused on going serverless. What great news for messaging app users concerned about their privacy! Wait. What’s the mystery behind serverless?
4 Reasons You Should Start Valuing Serverless Messaging Apps · 2021-12-28 15:05:03+01:00 estimated reading time: 5 min 19th December 2018 / by Edith Y.All the concepts and features that determine the reliability of serverless messaging apps might sound complicated and hard to keep track of. Beyond the technical jargon, we need is to ask ourselves: Do we strive for security
Tchap, la messagerie instantanée de confiance de l’État · 2021-12-28 14:56:46+01:00 estimated reading time: 3 min PartagerAgent public, vous avez besoin de communiquer facilement avec des collaborateurs et partenaires, à distance voire en mobilité ? Désormais, vous pouvez utiliser Tchap, la messagerie instantanée spécialement créée pour vous.Conçue et entière
Privacy android · 2021-12-27 21:05:38+01:00 estimated reading time: 14 min Guida al De-Google e privacy su android Ultimo aggioramento 13/12/2021 Questa vuole essere una guida completa per ottenere un telefono android completamente de-googled e con la massima privacy possibile, pur mantenendo la min ima usabilità e comodità de
Lemmings Apps on Google Play · 2021-12-27 16:56:49+01:00 estimated reading time: < 1 min The epic PlayStation game is now on mobile!Lemmings are cute, lovable animals, drifting through space, searching for their home world. Only you can save them!- The classic game revived with new HD visuals and beautiful animation!- Guide the flow of Lem
Crypto Startup Solana Raises $314 Million to Develop Faster Blockchain · 2021-12-22 07:43:31+01:00 estimated reading time: 4 min Ben Horowitz, co-founder and general partner of Andreessen Horowitz, which led Solana’s funding round. Photo: Joe Buglewicz/Bloomberg News Blockchain startup Solana
Signal Now Lets You Make 40 Person Calls · 2021-12-19 13:14:36+01:00 estimated reading time: 1 min Great news for secret tribunals and activists and employees rising up: Signal now enables 40-person encrypted video calls. Good to keep in min d if you don’t want to risk law enforcement or foreign governments or your boss or tech companies sifting thr
EU's Digital Identity Framework Endangers Browser Security · 2021-12-19 02:21:13+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min If a proposal currently before the European Parliament and Council passes, the security of HTTPS in your browser may get a lot worse. A proposed amendment to Article 45 in the EU’s Digital Identity Framework (eIDAS) would have major, adverse security effe
We’re Now Accepting Bitcoin on · 2021-12-18 08:46:51+01:00 estimated reading time: 4 min [UPDATE 10/19/17] Due to low demand, Bitcoin is no longer available as a form of payment. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. You can still complete your purchase through a number of alternative payment options such as PayPal, all major Cred
WebView – Stoutner · 2021-12-18 08:39:30+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min As part of the Android, Google ships WebView, which is used to render HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is one of the standard views in Android Open Source Project (some others being TextView, EditText, Spinner, and ImageView). Privacy Browser uses WebView to
Chrome Users Beware: Manifest V3 is Deceitful and Threatening · 2021-12-17 23:59:13+01:00 estimated reading time: 5 min Manifest V3, Google Chrome’s soon-to-be definitive basket of changes to the world of web browser extensions, has been framed by its authors as “a step in the direction of privacy, security, and performance.” But we think these changes are a raw deal f
Solid Explorer File Manager Apps on Google Play · 2021-12-13 10:21:36+01:00 estimated reading time: 2 min Solid Explorer is a file management app inspired by the old school file commander applications. It will help you:🗄️Easily manage files in dual pane layout🔐Protect files with strong encryption🖥️Manage files on your cloud storage or NAS☁️Back
Far On Droid File Manager Apps on Google Play · 2021-12-13 10:21:22+01:00 estimated reading time: < 1 min Far On Droid is free file manager providing intuitive file management using two panel interface.Has built-in file viewer and editor and view files of any size. Main features:two panel interface;basic file operation like editing, copying and renaming;se
Animista CSS Animations on Demand · 2021-12-09 16:19:49+01:00 estimated reading time: 15 min Optionsselect object duration timing-functionuse steps delay iteration-countinfinite direction fill-mode Apply AboutAnimista is a place where you can play with a collection of pre-made CSS animations, tweak them and get only those you will actually use.A
Parchisi STAR Online Apps on Google Play · 2021-12-04 13:35:15+01:00 estimated reading time: 1 min Parchisi STAR is an online multiplayer version of popular classic board game Parchis. Parchis board game is a popular in Spain as Parchis and known by different name in other countries. It is a board game of the Cross and Circle family. It is an adaptation
RISK: Global Domination App su Google Play · 2021-12-04 13:33:29+01:00 estimated reading time: 1 min Battle opponents in strategic warfare in the official digital version of the classic Hasbro board game loved by millions. Fight against the Axis Powers in WWI, survive war games against undead zombies and battle on fantasy, futuristic and sci-fi maps. Downl

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