Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Udienza del 5 ottobre 2022 Catechesi sul Discernimento: 4. Gli elementi del discernimento. Conoscere sé stessi · 2022-10-05 15:02:24 10 min Catechesi sul Discernimento: 4. Gli elementi del discernimento. Conoscere sé stessiCari fratelli e sorelle, buongiorno!Continuiamo a trattare il tema del discernimento. La volta scorsa abbiamo considerato come suo elemento indispensabile quello della preghiera, intesa come fam
Google Privacy Sandbox: cos'è l'alternativa di Google ai cookie · 2022-10-05 05:58:50 3 min L’antitrust del Regno Unito ha approvato Google Privacy Sandbox: ben presto il paese potrà salutare i cookie di terze parti. L’iniziativa è volta a creare degli standard web per accedere alle informazioni di navigazione degli utenti senza lederne la privacy. L’idea è man
Tor (software) · 2022-10-05 05:29:55 21 min Jump to navigation Jump to search TorsoftwareTor Browser 11 in esecuzione su Linux Ubuntu GenereSicurezza informatica SviluppatoreRoger DingledineNick Mathewson Ultima versione0.4.5.12 (4 febbraio 2022) (4 febbraio 2022)Sistema operativoMultipiattaforma LinguaggioPy
Multa della SEC a Kim Kardashian per illecita promozione di cripto Da · 2022-10-04 09:50:59 3 min Per Favore, prova con una nuova ricercaAltroAccedi/Iscriviti gratis0English (USA) Русский English (UK) Türkçe English (India) ‏العربية‏ English (Canada) Ελληνικά English (Australia) Svenska English (South Africa) Suomi English (Philippines) עברית
R/geek Speed camera SQL Injection · 2022-10-04 08:43:51 < 1 min Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The site may not work properly if you don't update your browser ! If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit old reddit .Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard sho
Brave has a new Copy Clean Link feature gHacks Tech News · 2022-10-04 08:41:52 2 min Brave Software released an update for the stable version of the company's Brave Browser on September 27, 2022. Brave Version 1.44.101 release notes are available, but one feature that was originally scheduled to release with the new version of the browser, has not made it.Copy Cl
Word Games Daily Word Search, Crossword, Puzzle Games! · 2022-10-04 08:27:40 2 min Welcome to, the place where fun is intertwined with education. If you thought that learning is inherently boring, then will offer you a different perspective. With its great selection of free online word games, will leave you feeling smar
TechDispatch #1/2022 Federated Social Media Platforms · 2022-10-01 18:37:23 8 min The Fediverse consists of many independent, interoperable social media platforms that allow their users to interact with each other across those platforms. In the absence of vendor lock-in, users can choose a platform with terms and data location matching their preferences.I. Wha
Join the frontier of social networking · 2022-09-29 10:26:32 2 min Safer participation. Healthier conversations. More collaboration.Introducing circles & boundariesHow will our online experiences be different once we take back control over exactly who should see, interact with, and even collaborate on our content and activities at the most g
Revealed: US Military Bought Mass Monitoring Tool That Includes Internet Browsing, Email Data · 2022-09-24 23:23:03 12 min Multiple branches of the U.S. military have bought access to a powerful internet monitoring tool that claims to cover over 90 percent of the world’s internet traffic, and which in some cases provides access to people’s email data, browsing history, and other information su
Facebook asks users for nude photos in project to combat 'revenge porn' · 2022-09-24 09:24:17 3 min Facebook is asking users to send the company their nude photos in an effort to tackle revenge porn, in an attempt to give some control back to victims of this type of abuse.Individuals who have shared intimate, nude or sexual images with partners and are worried that the partner
ISIS Executions and Non Consensual Porn Are Powering AI Art · 2022-09-23 23:18:34 10 min Some of the image-generating AI tools that have taken over the internet in recent months are powered in part by some of the worst images that have ever been posted to the internet, including images of the Islamic State executing people, photoshopped nudes of celebrities, and re
Cyber Resilience Act: requisiti fondamentali e prodotti coinvolti Cyber Security 360 · 2022-09-22 23:14:23 5 min È stata di recente pubblicata la proposta di legge UE riguardante la cyber security dei prodotti connessi che si chiama Cyber Resilience Act (ovvero CRA).È un passo fondamentale per aumentare la consapevolezza dell’importanza della cyber security in tutti gli aspetti del cicl
Tracker Polyend · 2022-09-22 13:11:58 3 min A retro form factor updated with forward looking functionality and designed as an easy to use compact standalone workstation. Made for creatives who break patterns on a daily basis. Designed to help artists forge unique avenues of sonic construction. Introducing the first hardwar
Cybersecurity Resources/BLUETEAM and CTF Skills .md at main · Nickyie/Cybersecurity Resources · 2022-09-22 12:34:44 < 1 min PermalinkGo to file This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.Nickyie Update BLUETEAM and CTF Skills .mdLatest commit 460891c Aug 3, 2022 History1 contributor Users who have contributed to this file A col
Smartphone e tablet Linux 2022 alternativalinux · 2022-09-22 09:21:06 19 min Indice articolo 1 Perché alternative ad Android e iOS? 2 PINE64 PinePhone Pro 3 Purism Librem 5 4 Fairphone 4 5G 5 F(x)tec Pro 1 X 6 Astro Slide 5G 7 Volla Phone 8 JingPad A1 9 PineTab 10 CutiePI Tablet 11 RasPad 3 12 Conclusioni Smartphone e tablet con Linux 2022. Vediamo il
Skynet Control 2023 · 2022-09-20 04:37:58 1 min Skynet Control 2023 - Invidious Watch on YouTube(Embed)Switch Invidious InstanceEmbed LinkShow annotationsDownload is disabled.65541Genre: Science & TechnologyLicense:Family friendly? Yes Il Webmaster 21! Looks like you have JavaScript turned off.
How To Easily Access Your Home Network From Anywhere With Dynamic DNS · 2022-09-19 16:07:26 10 min We all have things on our home network we want to access from the outside: music collections, game servers, file stores, and more. Dynamic DNS makes it easy to give your home network a memorable and easy to use address.What’s Dynamic DNS And Why Would I Want It?RELATED: What
How to Set Up Your Own Home VPN Server · 2022-09-19 16:06:29 7 min Ivan Marc/ShutterstockVirtual Private Networks (VPNs) are very useful, whether you’re traveling the world or just using public Wi-Fi at a coffee shop in your hometown. But you don’t necessarily have to pay for a VPN service—you could host your own VPN server at home.Your h
Hackers · 2022-09-19 15:39:56 43 min Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy (Goodreads Author) 4.15  ·  Rating details  ·  7,745 ratings  ·  466 reviews A mere fifteen years ago, computer nerds were seen as marginal weirdos, outsiders whose world would never resonate with t
Dal testo all’elaborazione video · 2022-09-19 10:41:01 1 min Con il tool di editing video Runway sarà presto possibile effettuare creazioni e modifiche ai video usando direttamente spiegazioni testuali. È esattamente quello che oggi accade già con gli algoritmi di generazione di immagini dal testo come Midjourney, ma quando sarà possib
OpenMPT · 2022-09-19 09:30:21 7 min Jump to navigation Jump to search Not to be confused with ModPlug Player. OpenMPTOpenMPT v1.18.01.00 in Windows 7Original author(s)Olivier LapicqueInitial release1997; 25 years ago (1997)Stable release1.30.06.00[1]  / 21 August Written
List of music software · 2022-09-19 09:29:39 12 min Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of software for creating, performing, learning, analyzing, researching, broadcasting and editing music. This article only includes software, not services. For streaming services such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, Prime Music, and
The Mod Archive v4.0b A distinctive collection of modules · 2022-09-19 09:22:52 1 min Welcome to one of the world's largest collections of music modules. The Mod Archive is currently enjoying its 26th year online and is still as active as ever. Whether you're a budding musician, established scener, avid module fan or just a casual passerby we warmly welcome you an
Music tracker · 2022-09-19 09:22:20 10 min Jump to navigation Jump to search OpenMPT, a tracker running in Microsoft Windows. A music tracker (sometimes referred to as just tracker for short) is a type of music sequencer software for creating music. The music is represented as discrete musical notes positioned in
Signature Spoofing · microg/GmsCore Wiki · 2022-09-17 08:18:57 2 min You need a ROM that supports signature spoofing. Some custom ROMs are patched to support signature spoofing out of the box, however most ROMs will require a patch or a Xposed module. Please ask your ROM developer if unsure.The following ROMs have out-of-box support for signature
Battery Testing Battery Wear Apps on Google Play · 2022-09-16 23:13:47 2 min About this app Battery Testing - Battery Wear LevelDo you ever wonder why your battery is always running low?Do you know your battery capacity is decreasing by time?With powerful technology, Battery Testing is the #1 app which is allow you to measure battery life. You will know y
Tesoro mi si è de googlato il telefono – Daniele Argento · 2022-09-16 22:47:05 18 min Qualche tempo fa ho perso mio padre, che era l’unica persona con cui usavo il telefono, quindi ho pensato: “visto che ora non mi serve più, chissenefrega, lascio a casa questa specie di spia di Matrix e se a qualcuno serve mi chiama la sera”. Poi, pensandoci meglio, mi so
Molly a hardened version of the official Signal for Android app · 2022-09-16 19:56:51 < 1 min Privacy has become a very important issue in modern society, with companies and governments constantly abusing their power, more and more people are waking up to the importance of digital privacy.In this community everyone is welcome to post links and discuss topics related
Samsung S3 Neo+ (GT I9301I) • Ubuntu Touch • Linux Phone · 2022-09-16 10:03:44 < 1 min Halium 5.1 s3ve3g Installer Buy Supports cellular and data State: Inactive This device gets updates through these channels, learn more about OTA updates Ubuntu Release Channel Version Release Date Description Xenial devel 2022-09-13 12-09-2022 Daily built developme

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