Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Strumenti gratuiti di audit: Scarica 7 migliori strumenti di Netwrix
2023-02-01 · 1 min ROI Calculator – Stima i possibili costi di una violazione e scopri quanto Netwrix può ridurre la tua esposizione finanziaria.Gli strumenti gratuiti di auditing di Netwrix possono farti risparmiare molto tempo e rendere più efficiente la tua rete. Gli strumenti di rete freew
Kodi 20.0 "Nexus" Release | News
2023-01-17 · 4 min It's Time! We are pleased to present the latest release of Kodi, v20 "Nexus".With over 4,600 commits since v19 "Matrix" was released on February 19th, 2021, this has been a huge effort. Thanks go out to our team members, and everyone in our community who sent a pull request, test
The Open Source Firebase Alternative | Supabase
2023-01-12 · 8 min Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. Start your project with a Postgres database, Authentication, instant APIs, Edge Functions, Realtime subscriptions, and Storage.Start your projectDocumentationbacked by Build faster and focus on your products Database Every project
The Google Analytics alternative without compromise
2023-01-12 · 9 min New Filter your dashboard by event completions For the longest time, website analytics software was seriously bad. It was hard to understand, time-consuming to use, and worse, it exploited visitor data for big tech to profit. Fathom is a Google Analytics alternative that doesn’
The Ultimate List of Alternatives to Google Products
2023-01-12 · 22 min For many businesses, Google products can play an integral part in the productivity, function and even success of the company. This is because Google has designed their digital ecosystem to infiltrate every aspect of your work and personal life at low-to-no cost.On the surface, t
Toyota, Mercedes, BMW API flaws exposed owners’ personal info
2023-01-12 · 4 min Almost twenty car manufacturers and services contained API security vulnerabilities that could have allowed hackers to perform malicious activity, ranging from unlocking, starting, and tracking cars to exposing customers' personal information.The security flaws impacted well-know
Threema claims encryption flaws never had a real world impact
2023-01-12 · 3 min A team of researchers from ETH Zurich has published a paper describing multiple security flaws in Threema, a secure end-to-end encrypted communications app.Threema is a privacy-focused and security-enhanced Swiss-made communications app used by the country's government, army ser
Mastodon Server Covenant for
2023-01-10 · 3 min All Mastodon servers we link to from our server picker commit to the following: Active moderation against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia Users must have the confidence that they are joining a safe space, free from white supremacy, anti-semitism and transphobia of othe
Elon Musk drove more than a million people to Mastodon – but many aren’t sticking around
2023-01-08 · 2 min The number of active users on the Mastodon social network has dropped more than 30% since the peak and is continuing a slow decline, according to the latest data posted on its website. There were about 1.8 million active users in the first week of January, down from over 2.5 mill
Drone CI – Automate Software Testing and Delivery
2023-01-06 · 1 min Drone CI – Automate Software Testing and Joins the Harness Family.Read the AnnouncementLearn more Configuration as a codePipelines are configured with a simple, easy‑to‑read file that you commit to your git repository.Each Pipeline step is executed inside
SimpleX Is a Chat Network That Preserves Metadata Privacy
2022-12-27 · 2 min SimpleX is an open-source decentralized client-server network that uses disposable nodes to asynchronously pass the messages, providing receiver and sender anonymity. Messaging apps make it easy to communicate and connect with people around the world. However, with new ways to co
SimpleX Chat: private and secure messenger without any user IDs (not even random)
2022-12-27 · 9 min SimpleX Chat: private and secure messenger without any user IDs (not even random) Other apps have user IDs: Signal, Matrix, Session, Briar, Jami, Cwtch, etc.SimpleX does not, not even random numbers.This radically improves your privacy.Why user IDs are bad for privacy?When users

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Tutti i giorni alle 8.30 ascoltaci sul sito oppure su:

cerca caffe20 on Spreaker caffe20 on Spotify Twitter Alexa caffe20 on Estensione caffe20 on iTunes caffe20 on Google Calendar