Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

CNET pauses publishing AI written stories after disclosure controversy
2023-02-05 · 4 min Artificial Intelligence/ Tech / In a staff call on Friday, CNET leadership told staff it was pausing all AI-generated content for now. Top executives at Red Ventures, the firm that owns CNET and other websites, also offered more details on the company’s AI tool. By Mia
The Google Analytics alternative without compromise
2023-01-12 · 9 min New Filter your dashboard by event completions For the longest time, website analytics software was seriously bad. It was hard to understand, time-consuming to use, and worse, it exploited visitor data for big tech to profit. Fathom is a Google Analytics alternative that doesn’
The Ultimate List of Alternatives to Google Products
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2023-01-11 · 1 min Mopidy Mopidy plays music from local disk, Spotify, SoundCloud, TuneIn, and more. You can edit the playlist from any phone, tablet, or computer using a variety of MPD and web clients.Stream music from the cloudVanilla Mopidy only plays music from files and radio streams. Through
World's thinnest boombox Raspberry Pi
2023-01-11 · 1 min Grand Ideas Studio chief Joe Grand has combined his love for 1980s music and tech with a retro aesthetic to create a Raspberry Pi Zero-powered boombox. And the weirdest thing? It’s only 0.45 inches thick. Stay tuned until the end to witness the World’s Thinnest Boombox sound
Firewall a rischio con pacchetti PyPi malevoli Cyber Security 360
2023-01-10 · 2 min Secondo i ricercatori di Phylum, pacchetti PyPi (Python Package Index) malevoli possono creare CloudFlare Tunnel per aggirare i firewall.“Questo attacco”, commenta Paolo Passeri, Cyber Intelligence Principal di Netskope, “combina due aspetti che stanno caratterizzando il pa
Wikipedia Is Badly Biased
2023-01-09 · 13 min The Uncyclopedia logo. Maybe more appropriate for Wikipedia itself now.Wikipedia’s “NPOV” is dead.1 The original policy long since forgotten, Wikipedia no longer has an effective neutrality policy. There is a rewritten policy, but it endorses the utterly bankrupt canard th
Find your Twitter friends on Mastodon
2022-12-30 · 2 min Twitodon - Find your Twitter friends on Mastodon How Twitodon Works Click the buttons below to give Twitodon access to your Twitter and Mastodon accounts. Don't worry, we won't be able to see your passwords - we use a secure, open standard called OAuth that provides a safe way f
Il ruolo decisivo e ambiguo dei satelliti di Elon Musk in Ucraina Guerre di Rete
2022-12-17 · 14 min Immagine in evidenza: satelliti Starlink (Wikimedia) Tra gli uomini e le donne che in Ucraina combattono sul fronte è stato soprannominato “Sant’Elon”. Parliamo, ovviamente, di Elon Musk: l’uomo più ricco del mondo, neo-proprietario di Twitter e, soprattutto, in qu
5 Free Tools to Check If Your Browser Is Safe and Private
2022-12-15 · 5 min Your browser is your first line of defense against malicious software, privacy-invading trackers, annoying ads, and many other cyber threats.But how can you know for sure whether your browser is protecting you? Here are five free tools you can use to test its security. Privac
Apple presenta Freeform, una nuova e potente app progettata per la collaborazione creativa
2022-12-15 · 9 min si apre in una nuova finestra Apple Newsroom richiede la tua autorizzazione per abilitare le notifiche desktop per i nuovi articoli. AGGIORNAMENTI 13 dicembre 2022Freeform per iPhone, iPad e Mac semplifica più che mai la collaborazione visivaFreeform offre un’area di lavoro fl
Anker’s Eufy lied to us about the security of its security cameras
2022-12-14 · 6 min Security/ Policy/ Privacy / Despite claims of only using local storage with its security cameras, Eufy has been caught uploading identifiable footage to the cloud. And it’s even possible to view the camera streams using VLC. By Sean Hollister / @StarFire2258 Dec 1, 202

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cerca caffe20 on Spreaker caffe20 on Spotify Twitter Alexa caffe20 on Estensione caffe20 on iTunes caffe20 on Google Calendar