Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Can Mastodon Survive Europe’s Digital Services Act?
2022-11-18 · 8 min Konstantinos Komaitis is an Internet policy expert and author. He also serves at the Advisory Council of Tremau. Louis-Victor de Franssu, is the co-founder and CEO of Tremau, a technology Trust & Safety start-up, located in Paris. Koshiro K/ShutterstockIt has been around two
Attacco e mail spoofing: come funziona e come difendersi
2022-11-17 · 12 min I passaggi illustrati nell’articolo sono stati redatti a solo scopo dimostrativo e sfruttano vulnerabilità note. Bertoldi Cybersecurity e i suoi collaboratori non hanno alcuna responsabilità per gli utilizzi impropri di quanto esposto.L’e-mail spoofing è una delle tecnich
Cybersecurity: Parliament adopts new law to strengthen EU wide resilience | News | European Parliament
2022-11-15 · 2 min Rules requiring EU countries to meet stricter supervisory and enforcement measures and harmonise their sanctions were approved by MEPs on Thursday.The legislation, already agreed between MEPs and the Council in May, will set tighter cybersecurity obligations for risk management,
XMPP Chat | Disroot
2022-11-14 · 2 min Decentralized and Federated Instant MessagingCommunicate using a standardized, open and federated chat protocol, with the ability to encrypt your communication with OMEMO protocol (based on encryption method also used by services such as Signal and Matrix). With XMPP you are not
Community | Disroot
2022-11-14 · 3 min Transparency plays a big role here in Disroot.We want to be open about our plans, ideas and current progress.We also want to encourage contributions to the project from the Disroot community.Therefore, we've setup a bunch of tools to make it easy for anyone to follow Disroot's de
Cybersecurity Threats Fast Forward 2030: Fasten your Security Belt Before the Ride!
2022-11-14 · 4 min Press Release The infographic released today by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) highlights the top cybersecurity threats likely to emerge by 2030. Published on November 11, 2022 What are the TOP 10 emerging cybersecurity threats?Supply chain compromise of sof
Ritorno al Futuro: dalle BBS a Mastodon. Ma intanto il mondo è cambiato.
2022-11-13 · 17 min Ritorno al Futuro: dalle BBS a Mastodon.  Ma intanto il mondo è cambiato.  Dopo un tedioso balletto, finalmente i giochi sono fatti, les jeux sont faits: su Twitter inizia l’era di Re Elon. Per quanto mi riguarda accolgo volentieri ogni cambiamento e mi sentirei un folle s
Running your own server Mastodon documentation
2022-11-10 · 3 min Why would you want to run your own Mastodon server?Absolute control over your own voice on the web, not subject to anyone else's rules or whims. Your server is your property, with your rules. It will exist as long as you want it to exist. You are not isolated on your own server.
2022-11-10 · 4 min The easiest waytoyour newsletter.Buttondown is a small, elegant tool for producing newsletters.The min imalist interface makes it easy for you to write great emails; the automation acts like the editorial assistant you wish you had, by checking for typos, broken links, or malform
Microsoft “irreparably damaging” EU’s cloud ecosystem, industry group claims
2022-11-10 · 3 min Enlarge SOPA Images / Contributor | LightRocket This fall, Microsoft claimed to have addressed anticompetitive cloud infrastructure complaints from a few smaller cloud services providers in Europe. In a blog, the company announced it would be partnering with small to mid-sized cl
Istanze Mastodon
2022-11-09 · 11 min Questo elenco può essere utile per i curiosi e per i nuovi utenti che desiderano scegliere un server mastodon in base al tema (il consiglio migliore è sempre: scegliere un'istanza solo se è indicato un amministratore reale, evitare chi non ha un responsabile designato, scorre
2022-11-07 · < 1 min SafetyTutti i server elencati qui devono effettuare il commit al Mastodon Server Covenant.Where the provider is legally based. Europe North America South America Africa Asia Oceania Some providers specialize in hosting accounts from specific communities.Stato della rete

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