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Exclusive: Italy watchdog to review other AI systems after ChatGPT brief ban
2023-06-04 · 2 min MILAN/STOCKHOLM, May 22 (Reuters) - Italy's data protection authority Garante plans to review other artificial intelligence platforms and hire AI experts, a top official said, as it ramps up scrutiny of the powerful technology after temporarily banning ChatGPT in March.Garante is
Exclusive: Leaked Files Show China And Russia Sharing Tactics On Internet Control, Censorship
2023-04-26 · 12 min Years before Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a "no-limits" partnership and the Kremlin launched a wide-ranging censorship campaign following its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Beijing and Moscow were sharing methods and tactics for monito
ChatGPT is entering a world of regulatory pain in Europe
2023-04-11 · 4 min Press play to listen to this articleVoiced by artificial intelligence.ChatGPT has set itself up for a rough ride with Europe's powerful privacy watchdogs.The chatbot is the hottest sensation of artificial intelligence technology but was hit with a temporary ban in Italy last mont
Friday Long Read: What To Do About AI
2023-04-09 · 18 min Mark MaunderApril 7, 2023This is a Friday long-read, so grab a warm cup of something and kick back because we’re going to take our time on this. The world is about to profoundly change. I know you’re nervous – perhaps excited and optimistic, but if you’ve been paying att
Dalia Buccianti, “A un passo dagli occhi” la guardi e capisci il suo immenso valore
2023-04-05 · 5 min Questa ragazzina toscana, che ha creato un piccolo studio sotto il suo letto con accanto il disegno grande di un treno che va, che ha un piccolo volto e due occhi dolci e all’apparenza timidi, ha in realtà una forza incredibile, confermata dalle canzoni che scrive e interpre
The Forever pollution Project – Journalists tracking PFAS across Europe
2023-03-17 · 9 min More than 17 000 sites all over Europe are contaminated by the “forever chemicals” PFAS, an exclusive, months-long investigation from 18 European newsrooms shows. The investigation “The Forever pollution Project” reveals an additional 21 000 presumptive contamination site
Executive Summary | Independent Report on E voting in Estonia
2023-03-09 · 6 min See also: Full peer-reviewed paper This report was prepared in May 2014 by an independent group of international experts with experience of analyzing e-voting systems around the world. The team performed a security evaluation of Estonia’s Internet-based e-voting system. Estonia
What's (still) wrong with Estonian e voting?
2023-03-09 · 26 min March 5, 2023 Estonia spouts official and binding electronic elections since 2005 and it has been a controversial yet an interesting journey. The building blocks of initial system have been replaced, but the lure of trusting operational security instead of democratic oversight i
Webxdc web apps shared in a chat
2023-02-28 · < 1 min try it out📥 download an .xdc file 📎 attach or share it as a file to a chat [*] 🎉 everyone can hit the “start” button downloadtower.xdcdownloadhextris.xdcdownloadchess.xdcdownloadstackup.xdcdownload2048.xdcdownloadtictactoe.xdcdownloadpoll.xdcdownloadcalendar.xdc
Information on IzzyOnDroid's F Droid compatible repo
2023-02-18 · 9 min This is an F-Droid style repository for Android apps, provided by IzzyOnDroid. Applications in this repository are official binaries built by the original application developers, taken from their resp. repositories (mostly Github).If you are an open-source developer and wish your

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