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2023-02-06 · 4 min In my life, I can recall three specific moments where a piece of technology has completely gobsmacked me. It was June 2007. I vividly remember waiting on line for several hours on a hot summer day outside the flagship Fifth Avenue New York City Apple Store until I saw my first iP
Traffico aereo USA bloccato forse per un file inavvertitamente cambiato
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World's thinnest boombox Raspberry Pi
2023-01-11 · 1 min Grand Ideas Studio chief Joe Grand has combined his love for 1980s music and tech with a retro aesthetic to create a Raspberry Pi Zero-powered boombox. And the weirdest thing? It’s only 0.45 inches thick. Stay tuned until the end to witness the World’s Thinnest Boombox sound

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