Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Swedish Government: Nextcloud premier digital collaboration platform Nextcloud
2023-01-30 · 1 min In a government rapport about options for digital collaboration platform technologies for the public sector, the Swedish government put Nextcloud front and center as the key solution in this space. Over the coming months, several large roll-outs are expected to begin. The report
Modelli di Business con Licenze commerciali, GPL, WordPress e Open Source v2.0 OFFERTA
2023-01-24 · 2 min IIl dott. Spataro è programmatore php da oltre 15 anni, sviluppa plugin per WordPress e conosce il diritto di internet dagli anni '90. Ha realizzato l'unico dizionario del diritto di internet, consultato più di 3.000.000 di volte.Da quando si ha sviluppato plugin custom per cli
XPrivacyLua | F Droid Free and Open Source Android App Repository
2023-01-21 · 2 min XPosed Module, simple to use privacy manager for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and later(successor of XPrivacy).Revoking Android permissions from apps often let apps crash or malfunction.XPrivacyLua solves this by feeding apps fake data instea
EUR Lex 52021PC0281 EN
2023-01-12 · 130 min EUROPEAN COMMISSIONBrussels, 3.6.2021COM(2021) 281 final2021/0136(COD)Proposal for aREGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCILamending Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 as regards establishing a framework for a European Digital Identity{SEC(2021) 228 final} - {SWD(2021)
The Ultimate List of Alternatives to Google Products
2023-01-12 · 22 min For many businesses, Google products can play an integral part in the productivity, function and even success of the company. This is because Google has designed their digital ecosystem to infiltrate every aspect of your work and personal life at low-to-no cost.On the surface, t
Pirate Audio: Line out for Raspberry Pi
2023-01-11 · 6 min Select currencyIf you'd like to view pricing in another currency then select it below.GBP USD EUR JPY AUD NOK CHF NZD CAD BTCPlease note:If you have any questions then feel free to contact us.${ stockHtml }${ hit.product_title }${ hit.variant_title ? (" – " + hit.variant_title)
Wikipedia Is Badly Biased
2023-01-09 · 13 min The Uncyclopedia logo. Maybe more appropriate for Wikipedia itself now.Wikipedia’s “NPOV” is dead.1 The original policy long since forgotten, Wikipedia no longer has an effective neutrality policy. There is a rewritten policy, but it endorses the utterly bankrupt canard th
Elon Musk drove more than a million people to Mastodon – but many aren’t sticking around
2023-01-08 · 2 min The number of active users on the Mastodon social network has dropped more than 30% since the peak and is continuing a slow decline, according to the latest data posted on its website. There were about 1.8 million active users in the first week of January, down from over 2.5 mill
How About We Put Learning at the Center? | Inside Higher Ed
2023-01-07 · 8 min As I wrote previously at my Substack newsletter, regarding the widespread awareness of the ChatGPT large language model (LLM) algorithm, it’s been a somewhat exciting time for me as an issue that I happen to know something about becomes so prominent in a broader national conver
LastPass finally admits: Those crooks who got in? They did steal your password vaults, after all…
2022-12-26 · 10 min by Popular password management company LastPass has been under the pump this year, following a network intrusion back in August 2022. Details of how the attackers first got in are still scarce, with LastPass’s first official comment cautiously stating that: [A]n unauthorized
SPID e Google Authenticator: quando l'interoperabilità viene ostacolata di proposito – Jacopo Jannone
2022-12-24 · 12 min La maggior parte dei provider SPID supporta l’autenticazione a due fattori tramite un’app che genera codici OTP. Ogni provider ha la propria app, incompatibile con le app degli altri provider e con quelle “universali” come Google Authenticator. Peccato che, dietro le qui
En quoi la vidéosurveillance algorithmique est elle illégale ?
2022-12-18 · 9 min La vidéosurveillance algorithmique (VSA) s’installe dans nos villes, en toute opacité et surtout, en toute illégalité. Depuis plusieurs années, nous tentons de lutter contre ces dispositifs, notamment en les attaquant devant les tribunaux. Nous pensons que les règles en v

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