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AI Act and disability centred policy: how can we stop perpetuating social exclusion?
2023-05-30 · 8 min In the same way that AI systems may discriminate against people of a particular ethnicity or skin tone, algorithms behind computer vision, facial recognition, speech recognition, law enforcement or autonomous systems may discriminate against individuals with facial differences or
The Brussels Effect: cosa significa dizionario
2023-05-18 · 3 min Usiamo cookies tecnici per gli iscritti, non profiliamo i visitatori e non ci sono cdn a terzi. Qui l'informativa. Per vedere i pochi embed e video di Youtube devi cliccare per dare il consenso o per rifiutarlo    Valentino Spataro( 11 view - dl) - MIND Analisi - OggiStat -
News DA Update | Piltz Legal
2023-05-07 · 3 min The European Commission has presented a proposal for a Regulation on harmonised rules on fair access to and use of data (Data Act), to which the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union have meanwhile adopted their positions (you can find out more about the indiv
Passkeys (Passkey Authentication)
2023-05-04 · 13 min Accelerating the Availability of Simpler, Stronger Passwordless Sign-Ins FAQ's ResourcesThis graphic is a genericized representation of what the user experience may be.Passkeys/ˈpasˌkēs/nounBased on FIDO standards, passkeys are a replacement for passwords that provide faster
Exclusive: Leaked Files Show China And Russia Sharing Tactics On Internet Control, Censorship
2023-04-26 · 12 min Years before Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a "no-limits" partnership and the Kremlin launched a wide-ranging censorship campaign following its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Beijing and Moscow were sharing methods and tactics for monito
Red Alert: ICANN and Verisign Proposal Would Allow Any Government In The World To Seize Domain Names
2023-04-23 · 16 min ICANN, the organization that regulates global domain name policy, and Verisign, the abusive monopolist that operates the .COM and .NET top-level domains, have quietly proposed enormous changes to global domain name policy in their recently published “Proposed Renewal of the Re
YARPP <= 5.30.2 Authenticated (Subscriber+) Local File Inclusion
2023-04-22 · 2 min The Wordfence Intelligence Vulnerability Database API is completely free to query and utilize, both personally and commercially, and contains all the same vulnerability data as the user interface. Please review the documentation for more information on how to query the vulnerabil
Creating an artificial intelligence 101
2023-04-19 · 20 min How to create an artificial intelligence? The creation of artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a dream of scientists, engineers, and innovators. With advances in machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, the possibilities of what we can create with
The Proposal of Chat GPT for an “AI Guardian” to Protect Privacy in Legal Cases | JD Supra
2023-04-18 · 7 min Although still at sea on an Atlantic crossing, I remain obsessed with the power of this new Ai tool. In the last blog we prompted a discussion by Chat-GPT with itself on the subject of AI and the future of the Law. Here we focus on the issue of Privacy and the Law. All images are
New EU cybersecurity rules ensure more secure hardware and software products
2023-04-17 · 1 min A first ever EU-wide legislation of its kind, it introduces mandatory cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements, throughout their whole lifecycle.The Act, announced by President Ursula von der Leyen in September 2021 during her State of the European Union a
Cyber Resilience Act
2023-04-17 · 1 min Hardware and software products are increasingly subject to successful cyberattacks, leading to an estimated global annual cost of cybercrime of €5.5 trillion by 2021.Such products suffer from two major problems adding costs for users and the society:a low level of cybersecurity
Free, Legally Binding Electronic Signatures | Signaturely
2023-04-13 · 3 min Super simple signatures Upload a document now — get it legally signed blazing fast Create free account 4.9/5 stars on No credit card required 4.9/5 stars on No credit card required Are you struggling to sign documents seamlessly? When signing b

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