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Tracking industry body IAB Europe told that it has infringed the GDPR, and its “consent” pop ups used by Google and other tech firms are unlawful. · 2021-11-06 11:07:54+01:00 estimated reading time: 3 min Google and the entire tracking industry relies on IAB Europe’s consent system, which has now been found to be illegal.  5 November 2021. We have won. The online advertising industry and its trade body, “IAB Europe”, have been found to have deprived
IAB Europe warns of GDPR breach finding – TechCrunch · 2021-11-06 10:40:37+01:00 estimated reading time: 7 min Is this the beginning of the end for the hated tracking cookie consent pop-up? A flagship framework used by Google and scores of other advertisers for gathering claimed consent from web users for creepy ad targeting looks set to be found in breach of Europe
È stata diffusa online la più grande lista di password mai raccolta Wired · 2021-10-04 14:42:49 estimated reading time: 3 min di Tommaso Meo Contributor 9 Jun, 2021 di Tommaso Meo Contributor 9 Jun, 2021 Si chiama RockYou21 ed è la maggiore “collezione” di password mai trapelata: contiene 8,4 miliardi di credenziali, salvate in un file di testo pesante 10
9 Horrifying Facts From the Facebook Whistleblower Interview · 2021-10-04 06:46:58 estimated reading time: 7 min Last week, the Wall Street Journal published internal research from Facebook showing that the social media company knows precisely how toxic its own product is for the people who use it. But tonight, we learned how the Journal obtained those documents: A
Teenage girls, body image and Instagram’s ‘perfect storm’ · 2021-09-18 18:32:34 estimated reading time: 5 min Emily started using Instagram when she was in her mid-teens and found it helpful at first. She used the photo-sharing app to follow fitness influencers, but what began as a constructive relationship with the platform spiralled into a crisis centred on body
Disinfo Cloud auf Twitter: "Together, @InVID EU & @WeVerify offer #opensource content verification tools (e.g. video analysis & image forensics) for journalists, fact checkers, government orgs, & others to analyze disinformation & narrative propagation on social networks.…" · 2021-09-18 09:15:43 estimated reading time: < 1 min Meet the 8 finalists who have been invited to participate in the #USParisTechChallenge where they will present their solutions to the problem of #disinformation and #propaganda!

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