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PrivacyBreacher | F Droid Free and Open Source Android App Repository
2024-04-02 · 1 min PrivacyBreacheris an Android app built as a proof of concept for a research article describing the privacy issues in Android. This app can access the following information from your phonewithout requesting any permissions: Figure out at what time your phone screen turned on/off.
BNN Breaking
2024-03-08 · 2 min In a significant move to enhance understanding and application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) has unveiled a thematic one-stop-shop case digest focusing on the Security of Processing (Article 32 GDPR) and data breach No
data breach Moab: trapelati 26 miliardi di record rubati
2024-02-01 · 2 min I ricercatori di Security Discovery e CyberNews hanno rilevato un database esposto di proporzioni enormi. Una min iera d’oro per i malintenzionati, contenente 3.800 cartelle con informazioni personali di utenti, credenziali di accesso e dati finanziari. Mother of all breaches,
Google Update Reveals AI Will Start Reading All Your Private Messages
2024-01-28 · 5 min Google has just unveiled a game-changing AI upgrade for Android. But it has a darker side. Google’s AI will start to read and analyze your private messages, going back forever. So what does this mean for you, how do you maintain your privacy, and when does it begin. There’s u
12 Most Secure Messaging Apps for Windows & Linux in 2024
2024-01-28 · 18 min Why do we need a secure messenger?The advances in technology and the widespread use of smartphones have made messengers one of the most popular forms of communication. However, such convenience is associated with a set of certain risks, especially when discussing confidential is
Mobile reverse engineering to empower the gig economy workers and labor unions
2024-01-05 · 1 min Claudio Agosti and Gaetano PrioriEthics, Politics & SocietyPlaylists:'37c3' videos starting here/audio[]( will outline five years of experience linking trade unions, gig economy workers, GDPR and mobile app reverse engineering. Goal: to
Tech Security Year in Review
2024-01-01 · 13 min Tech Security Year in Review 2023 As we say goodbye to 2023, let’s look back on a year that has become a battleground in cybersecurity. The numbers tell a compelling story, with 953 incidents and a colossal DarkBeam breach of 3.8 billion records. Global data breach cos
Europol sting takes down RagnarLocker ransomware gang
2023-12-31 · 3 min Ransomware gang RagnarLocker has had its dark web portal seized in an international law enforcement operation led by the pan-European police force Europol.Europol has apparently taken down the online infrastructure of the RagnarLocker ransomware gang. (Photo by PixelBiss/Shutters
EasyPark data breach
2023-12-28 · 2 min EasyPark data breach AccediScarica l’app Il 10 dicembre 2023, abbiamo scoperto di essere stati vittime di un attacco informatico. L'attacco ha comportato la violazione di dati non sensibili dei clienti.La sicurezza dei nostri clienti è per noi una priorità e desideriam
23andMe changes to terms of service are 'cynical' and 'self serving,’ lawyers say | TechCrunch
2023-12-12 · 6 min Two days before 23andMe disclosed that hackers had accessed the personal and genetic data of almost 7 million customers, the genetic testing giant updated its terms of service. The changes are an effort to make it more difficult for the victims of the breach to band together in f
Microsoft's new Outlook client quietly moves your email to the cloud
2023-12-02 · 7 min Microsoft’s new version of Outlook introduces some controversial data-sharing features Readers like you help support XDA Developers. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read More. Quick Links What you can expect from the new
EU backs Data Act with clause to shut off smart contracts
2023-12-02 · 1 min The Act, inclusive of a clause necessitating “kill switches” on smart contracts, only now needs approval from the European Council to pass into law. 10622 Total views 52 Total shares Listen to article News Join us on social networks The European Parliament has vot

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