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How I Broke Into a Bank Account With an AI Generated Voice
2023-08-19 · 7 min The bank thought it was talking to me; the AI-generated voice certainly sounded the same. On Wednesday, I phoned my bank’s automated service line. To start, the bank asked me to say in my own words why I was calling. Rather than speak out loud, I clicked a file on my nearby l
È morta Michela Murgia, la voce libera che ha messo al centro la persona
2023-08-11 · 8 min È morta Michela Murgia, la voce libera che ha messo al centro la persona - Luce Main PartnerScrittrice e attivista nata a Cabras, in Sardegna, 51 anni fa, è stata la prima a parlare di femminismo intersezionale. Aveva un tumore al quarto stadioMarianna Grazi11 Agosto 2023Sha
Tutti i tipi di elezione con il voto elettronico e online | LinkedIn
2023-07-10 · 81 min {"data":{"canBrowseProfiles":false,"reactivationFeaturesEligible":false,"canViewJobAnalytics":false,"canViewWVMP":false,"premiumFreeTrialEligible":true,"canAccessLearningVideos":false,"premiumLearningUpgradeEligible":false,"canViewCompanyInsights":false,"$type":"com.linkedin.voy
VCaaS – Voice Cloning as a Service. Bing
2023-05-24 · 1 min What is voice cloning and how does it work?In short, voice cloning enables one person to speak using the voice of another person. It uses generative AI technology to create recordings of a person’s voice and use them to generate new audio content with that same person’s voice
The importance of Open Source AI and the challenges of liberating data Voices of Open Source
2023-05-08 · 7 min (This post is taken from a speech given remotely at LLW 2023 by OSI Executive director Stefano Maffulli) The conference program places two talks back to back titled “The goals of Open Source AI” followed by “The goals of a Free Software AI”… But to me, the distinction b
A Photographer Tried to Get His Photos Removed from an AI Dataset. He Got an Invoice Instead.
2023-05-02 · 5 min A German stock photographer who asked to get his images removed from a dataset used to train AI image generators was not only met with a refusal from the dataset owner but also an invoice for $979 for filing an unjustified copyright claim.  The photographer, Robert Kneschke, fou
Forefront: Powerful Language Models A Click Away
2023-04-23 · 6 min Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models, the likes of which GPT-J and GPT-3 belong to, have taken the NLP community by storm. These powerful language models excel at performing various NLP tasks like question-answering, entity extraction, categorization, and summarization

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