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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

L'intreccio tra i diritti degli utenti e le regole del mercato digitale Cyber Security 360 · 2022-09-23 22:06:55 estimated reading time: 8 min Il 20 settembre 2022, l’Avvocato Generale, Athanasios Rantos, ha depositato le proprie conclusioni nell’ambito del procedimento C-525/22 innanzi la Corte di Giustizia Europea.Il caso nasce dal rinvio pregiudiziale da parte dell’Oberlandesgericht Düss
Google pays enormous sums to maintain its dominance doj says · 2022-09-20 04:55:54 estimated reading time: < 1 min wallabag can't retrieve contents for this article. Please troubleshoot this issue.
EU court largely confirms Commission’s record fine against Google in landmark case · 2022-09-14 14:53:43 estimated reading time: 3 min This article was updated with a comment from Tommaso Valletti.The European Commission scored a major victory in court on Wednesday (14 September) as Europe’s largest ever competition sanction was upheld against Google with only a slight reduction. The ini
Il ceo di Axel Springer:"TikTok va proibito". Cosa ne pensano le Big Tech · 2022-09-12 13:59:35 estimated reading time: 4 min Tiktok sembra essere diventato un incubo per tutti i grandi della tecnologia. Alla ventesima edizione della Code Conference di Beverly Hills, organizzata da Vox Media e ospitata come al solito da Kara Swisher (che tuttavia ha annunciato come questo sia stat
The steep cost of capture · 2022-09-07 06:56:45 estimated reading time: 21 min Authors:Meredith Whittaker This is a perilous moment. Private computational systems marketed as artificial intelligence (AI) are threading through our public life and institutions, concentrating industrial power, compounding marginalization, and quietly s
These Machines Won’t Kill Fascism: Toward a Militant Progressive Vision for Tech · 2022-09-07 06:47:02 estimated reading time: 19 min Youth protests at Parliament Square against a new exam rating system which has been introduced in British education system in London, England. (Dominika Zarzycka / NurPhoto / Getty Images) The modern fascist movement relies on Big Tech to reproduce—and
After self hosting my email for twenty three years I have thrown in the towel. The oligopoly has won. · 2022-09-05 13:58:03 estimated reading time: 7 min September 04, 2022 — Carlos FenollosaMany companies have been trying to disrupt email by making it proprietary. So far, they have failed. Email keeps being an open protocol. Hurray?No hurray. Email is not distributed anymore. You just cannot create anothe
Office europeo: accordo tra Nextcloud e le istituzioni del vecchio continente · 2022-08-31 12:35:45 estimated reading time: 1 min Nextcloud conferma la formazione di un comitato che si occuperà di sovrintendere l'implementazione di un Office aperto, decentralizzato e scalabile all'interno della Pubblica Amministrazione.Uno dei progetti open source più famosi e apprezzati che aiuta a
Google Play to ban Android VPN apps from interfering with ads · 2022-08-31 10:26:30 estimated reading time: 3 min Google in November will prohibit Android VPN apps in its Play store from interfering with or blocking advertising, a change that may pose problems for some privacy applications. The updated Google Play policy, announced last month, will take effect on Novem
The Complete List of Hacker And Cybersecurity Movies · 2022-08-19 15:55:07 estimated reading time: 67 min The Complete List of Hacker And Cybersecurity MoviesPosted at 00:31h in Lists by “Hacker’s Movie Guide” with Foreword by Steve Wozniak, co-founder of AppleSausalito, Calif. – Apr. 7, 2022  | Press Release  |  Book ReviewsThe “Hacker’s Movi
How Starlink Scrambled to Keep Ukraine Online · 2022-08-14 03:31:50 estimated reading time: 9 min On March 29, Ukrainian forces rolled into the shattered streets of Irpin, northwest of Kyiv, littered with blackened wreckage and dead bodies. The destruction had knocked all 24 of the city’s cell towers offline, preventing traumatized survivors from le
Instagram and Facebook can track anything you do on any website in their in app browser · Felix Krause · 2022-08-11 00:33:36 estimated reading time: 13 min The iOS Instagram and Facebook app render all third party links and ads within their app using a custom in-app browser. This causes various risks for the user, with the host app being able to track every single interaction with external websites, from all
Amazon is buying Roomba vacuum maker iRobot for $1.7 billion · 2022-08-09 08:44:30 estimated reading time: 4 min NEW YORK — Amazon on Friday announced it has agreed to acquire the vacuum cleaner maker iRobot for approximately $1.7 billion, scooping up another company to add to its collection of smart home appliances amid broader concerns about its market power.iRobo
A che servono gli avvocati, ora ci pensa Alexa... · 2022-08-06 17:03:50 estimated reading time: 4 min Chi avrà bisogno di consulenza legale ora potrà farlo da casa consultando Alexa. Ma l'avvocatura insorge: Amazon svende la professione legale. La nascita del primo avvocato digitale è un attacco alla dignità della categoria forense"martedì 2 agosto 202
Luca 隐星 (🇮🇹 Antifascism) ( · 2022-07-30 09:34:58 estimated reading time: < 1 min Il CEO e fondatore di #NextCloud Frank Karlitschek è stato avvicinato da un avvocato di #Microsoft per concludere un accordo.Microsoft ha offerto a Nextcloud vantaggi sotto forma di collaborazione e marketing. Ad esempio, promuovere il logo di Nextclo
Microsoft faces antitrust complaint in EU led by Nextcloud · 2022-07-28 09:13:11 estimated reading time: 2 min Berlin-based software maker Nextcloud claimed that Microsoft bundling OneDrive and Teams with Windows is harming local EU competition.A group of tech companies in the EU, led by German software maker Nextcloud, has called out Microsoft on anti-competition g
EU cloud providers subject to lock in with Microsoft due to new strategy Nextcloud · 2022-07-28 09:12:56 estimated reading time: 2 min Fair competition is essential to a healthy business ecosystem, yet tech giants seem to believe they can work around it using their market dominance and various anti-competitive activities.Microsoft tries to lock-in EU CSP’S3 weeks ago, Microsoft announced
Microsoft Asks Google, Oracle To Help Crimp Amazon's US Government Cloud Leadership Slashdot · 2022-07-28 01:11:20 estimated reading time: 1 min Microsoft is rallying other big-name cloud-computing providers such as Alphabet's Google and Oracle to press the U.S. government into spreading its spending on such services more widely, taking aim at Amazon's dominance in such contracts. From a report
Microsoft Goes on Offensive in Europe to Combat Cloud Concerns · 2022-07-28 00:32:30 estimated reading time: 5 min Microsoft, which participated in a tech conference in Barcelona this year, faces antitrust complaints in Europe. Photo: Jordi Boixareu/Zuma Press Microsoft Corp
Il Tar del Lazio ha confermato una multa a Google da 100 milioni di euro · 2022-07-18 17:32:17 estimated reading time: 1 min L'Agcm aveva sanzionato la società madre per abuso di posizione dominante nella vicenda riguardante un'app sviluppata da Enel XAttualità18/07/2022 di RedazioneJuicePass è il nome di una applicazione che di certo non toglierà il sonno a Google, ma sicura
Aperta istruttoria nei confronti di Google per abuso di posizione dominante nella portabilità dei dati · 2022-07-18 17:31:44 estimated reading time: 1 min Secondo l’Autorità, Google avrebbe ostacolato l’interoperabilità nella condivisione dei dati con altre piattaforme, in particolare con l’APP Weople, gestita da Hoda, operatore attivo in Italia che ha sviluppato una banca di investimento dati L’Aut
Il Guardian rivela i suoi "Uber Files": la società faceva pressioni sui governi europei · 2022-07-11 19:27:34 estimated reading time: 3 min Srivono Guardian, La Bbc, Le Monde e altre testate di un consorzio internazionale di giornalisti investigativi, che hanno rivelato un gigantesco dossier che include oltre 120.000 intercettazioni, 83.000 e-mail e altri file su operazioni condotte dalla socie
Final report Sector inquiry into consumer Internet of Things {COM(2022) 19 final} · 2022-07-11 16:29:18 estimated reading time: 228 min EUROPEAN COMMISSIONBrussels, 20.1.2022SWD(2022) 10 finalCOMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENTAccompanying the documentREPORT FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL AND THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENTFinal report - Sector inquiry into consumer Internet of Things{COM(2022)
I saw first hand how the tech giants seduced the EU – and undermined democracy | Georg Riekeles · 2022-06-29 09:14:48 estimated reading time: 15 min The tide is seemingly turning against Meta, Google and other tech giants. Groundbreaking new European Union legislation is imminent, aimed at forcing the large digital platforms to do more to keep users safe and cutting down market abuses, data capture and
L'addomesticamento degli utenti Whatsapp e le soluzioni per uscire dai giardini recintati di internet · 2022-06-23 11:19:39 estimated reading time: 17 min Non ho mai usato WhatsApp e mai lo farò. Nonostante ciò, sento comunque il bisogno di scrivere un articolo a proposito, dato che è perfetto da studiare per capire una classe di modelli di business che io nomino “addomesticamento degli utenti”. L'add

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