Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Amazon is gutting its voice assistant Alexa. Once founder Jeff Bezos's pet project it's now the primary target of historic layoffs.
2022-11-19 · 8 min This story is available exclusively to Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now. Redeem now Alexa is on life-support.  When the voice-assistant first launched in November of 2014, publications called it the "Computer of the future." CNET described it as s
Digital lending (prestito digitale) per le biblioteche
2022-11-09 · < 1 min Oppure accedi conOppure accedi conOppure accedi conCLICCA QUI PER ACCEDERE CON LE CREDENZIALINOTA: gli utenti dell'Università devono selezionare Provincia di Parma - UniPr dal menu a tendina.CLICCA QUI PER ACCEDERE CON LE CREDENZIALINOTA: gli utenti dell'Università devono
DeSEC | European alternatives
2022-10-12 · < 1 min BulgariaEUEEAFree Plan WebsiteAffiliate link ClouDNS is a managed DNS provider from Bulgaria. The offer features like DNS Failover, DNSSEC, GeoDNS and DDoS protection.Read more WebsiteAffiliate link Bunny DNS is a managed DNS provider from Slovenia and is a product of the
Il ruolo dei social media nei disturbi del comportamento alimentare (DCA)
2022-10-11 · 2 min Social media e pressione socialeViviamo in una società in cui l’aspetto fisico di una persona rappresenta un parametro di giudizio e discriminazione.Ciò che accade offline si riversa e amplifica attraverso i social media, dando vita ad un vero e proprio fenomeno socio-cultura
KeePass VS bitwarden compare differences & reviews?
2022-09-09 · 8 min KeePassKeePass is an open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in highly-encrypted databases, which can be unlocked with one master password or key file. bitwardenBitwarden is a free and open source password management solution for individuals, teams, and business or
Flipper Zero
2022-08-25 · 8 min Flipper Zero – Lab401 Powerful, pocket-sized. The Flipper Zero is the ultimate multi-tool for geeks, pentesters and hardware enthusiasts alike.Quantity Overview Shipping Please note : This is the European Flipper, compliant with European / UK Radio Frequencies and standards.
Best Privacy Tools in 2022: Encryption Against Surveillance
2022-08-17 · 54 min Improve the privacy of your friends & family by sharing this website For easy copy & paste on social media platforms, messengers and emails. VPN Privacy Guide: The best and most reliable VPN Services We have compared 185 different VPN providers, but our strict criteria l
Da commerciale a impresa produttiva Come il digitale trasforma il modello di business
2022-08-01 · 9 min scritto da Simone CasiraghiScrivo e seguo da vicino l’innovazione, la tecnologia e le trasformazioni di prospettiva che provocano cambiamenti in ogni direzione.Il modello familiare leader di cambiamentoAlla fine è stata la mano nemmeno troppo invisibile del mercato ad accelera
Cambridge Analytica
2022-07-29 · 61 min Jump to navigation Jump to search Cambridge Analytica LtdTypeSubsidiaryFounded2013; 9 years ago (2013)FounderNigel Oakes, Alexander Nix, Alexander Oakes and othersDefunctMay 1, 2018; 4 years ago (May 1, 2018)SuccessorEmerdataHeadquartersLondon, EnglandKey peopleAlexande
EU Alternatives
2022-07-29 · 11 min Schrems II got you down? Not to worry, Dasprive offers the perfect solution to international transfers: just don’t transfer. “Very funny, yet another privacy absolutist, there simply are no alternatives!” Well, we beg to differ. This page is dedicated to providing EU alter
Download latest stable Chromium binaries (64 bit and 32 bit)
2022-07-13 · 35 min Chromium for 32-bit WindowsReference: Google Chrome 103.0.5060.114 (1002911) • Monday, 4 Jul 2022Portable•Archive•Installer•Package →103.0.5060.114 (1002911) • Monday, 4 Jul 2022 Info: sha1: 004b4fad8f8284b23e59c607565477e524f4f6cb.(virus?) - chrome.sync.7z sha1: 000
Umbrel — A beautiful personal server OS for self hosting
2022-06-08 · 3 min good morning, satoshiRun a personal server in your home, self-host open source apps like Nextcloud and Bitcoin node, break away from big tech, and take full control of your data. For free. INSTALL ON A RASPBERRY PI 4 Or install on any Ubuntu or Debian system:curl -L https://umbre

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