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Why the European Commission must consult the Open Source communities Voices of Open Source
2023-05-08 · 2 min A crucial problem with the Impact Assessment of the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) is that no Open Source communities or community fiduciaries were consulted as stakeholders. The lack of consultation with the Open Source communities would explain the possible origin of a serious defe
2023-04-25 · 17 min Jump to navigation Jump to search ChatGPTsoftwareLogoSchermata di esempioGenereChatterbot SviluppatoreOpenAI Data prima versione30 novembre 2022; 4 mesi fa Ultima versione23 marzo 2023; 33 giorni fa[1]Sistema operativonessuno LicenzaSoftware proprietario(licenza non liber
Le Cyber Resilience Act, un projet européen qui inquiète les acteurs du logiciel libre
2023-04-24 · 4 min  Image pxhere / domaine publicPrésenté par la Commission européenne en septembre 2022, le CRA (Cyber Resilience Act) doit imposer des obligations de cybersécurité pour les produits et services numériques dans l’Union européenne. Mais ce texte, qu’examinent le Parlemen
Forefront: Powerful Language Models A Click Away
2023-04-23 · 6 min Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) models, the likes of which GPT-J and GPT-3 belong to, have taken the NLP community by storm. These powerful language models excel at performing various NLP tasks like question-answering, entity extraction, categorization, and summarization
2023-04-19 · 2 min Get Started Mobile Blog Tutorials Resources GitHub Faster, more pythonic and dynamic as everInstall Key Features &Capabilities See all FeaturesProduction ReadyTransition seamlessly between eager and graph modes with TorchScript, and accelerate the path to production
python AI: How to Build a Neural Network & Make Predictions – Real python
2023-04-19 · 34 min If you’re just starting out in the artificial intelligence (AI) world, then python is a great language to learn since most of the tools are built using it. Deep learning is a technique used to make predictions using data, and it heavily relies on neural networks. Today, you’
Creating an artificial intelligence 101
2023-04-19 · 20 min How to create an artificial intelligence? The creation of artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a dream of scientists, engineers, and innovators. With advances in machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing, the possibilities of what we can create with
python foundation slams pending EU cyber security rules
2023-04-18 · 3 min The python Software Foundation (PSF) is concerned that proposed EU cybersecurity laws will leave open source organizations and individuals unfairly liable for distributing incorrect code."If the proposed law is enforced as currently written, the authors of open-source components
Friday Long Read: What To Do About AI
2023-04-09 · 18 min Mark MaunderApril 7, 2023This is a Friday long-read, so grab a warm cup of something and kick back because we’re going to take our time on this. The world is about to profoundly change. I know you’re nervous – perhaps excited and optimistic, but if you’ve been paying att
Building a DOS ChatGPT client in 2023
2023-03-29 · 9 min With the recent attention on ChatGPT and OpenAI’s release of their APIs, many developers have developed clients for modern platforms to talk to this super smart AI chatbot. However I’m pretty sure almost nobody has written one for a vintage platform like MS-DOS.Let’s jump r
What's (still) wrong with Estonian e voting?
2023-03-09 · 26 min March 5, 2023 Estonia spouts official and binding electronic elections since 2005 and it has been a controversial yet an interesting journey. The building blocks of initial system have been replaced, but the lure of trusting operational security instead of democratic oversight i

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