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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

Anubi: l'EDR italiano che Ti Protegge da Malware e dalle Attività Anomale in Rete
2024-06-14 · 2 min Andrea Cavallini : 14 Giugno 2024 09:06Nel contesto moderno dove è in corso una vera e propria cyberguerra, il concetto di consapevolezza in ambito cybersecurity e l’irrobustimento dei perimetri infrastrutturali è sempre più importante. In questa situazione, gli obiettivi
Pentest allo stato puro ! Kali Linux 2024.2 è ora online!
2024-06-10 · 2 min Redazione RHC : 7 Giugno 2024 18:24Offensive Security ha annunciato il rilascio di Kali Linux 2024.2 , l’ultima iterazione della popolare distribuzione basata su Debian per l’hacking etico e il pentest. Il rilascio di Kali Linux 2024.2 arriva più di tre mesi dopo il
Comparison of file synchronization software
2024-06-07 · 12 min This is a list of file synchronization software for which there are Wikipedia articles. Free and open-source[edit] Name Programming language Platform License Stable version Portable Detect conflict Renames or moves Propagate deletes Ver
How to Extract Table from PDF with python and Pandas
2024-05-22 · 3 min Other Last updated on  Sep 30, 2022In this short tutorial, we'll see how to extract tables from PDF files with python and Pandas.We will cover two cases of table extraction from PDF:(1) Simple table with tabula-pyfrom tabula import read_pdf df_temp = read_pdf('china.pdf') (2) Ta
Overview — OpenVINO™ documentation — Version(2022.3)
2024-04-22 · 1 min Boost your model’s speed even further with quantization and other state-of-the-art compression techniques available in OpenVINO’s Post-Training Optimization Tool and Neural Network Compression Framework. These techniques also reduce your model size and memory requirements, al
10 Best Open Source Vulnerability Scanners
2024-04-05 · 16 min eSecurity Planet content and product recommendations are editorially independent. We may make money when you click on links to our partners. Learn More.Vulnerability assessment tools scan assets for known vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other flaws. These scanners then o
2024-04-05 · < 1 min Greenbone creates the leading open-source vulnerability management solution, including the OpenVAS scanner, a security feed with more than 160.000 vulnerability tests, a vulnerability management application, and much more. We enable our community initiatives like t
Manuskript – Open source tool for writers
2024-03-30 · 3 min OutlinerOrganize your thoughts and snippets in a hierarchical manner. Organize them as you wish, reorganize them on the go.Distraction-free modeGet rid of all distraction while writing. Set personal goal in word count or time before you can leave editor.Novel assistantUse the sno
2024-03-30 · 1 min A markdown-like editor for novelsA markdown-like text editor designed for writing novels and larger projects of many smaller plain text documents.It is designed to be a simple text editor that allows for easy organisation of text files and notes, with a meta data syntax for comme
Frida • A world class dynamic instrumentation toolkit
2024-01-06 · 1 min Frida • A world-class dynamic instrumentation toolkit | Observe and reprogram running programs on Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, Android, FreeBSD, and QNX FЯIDA ScriptableInject your own scripts into black box processes. Hook any function, spy on crypto APIs o
Best Large Language Models (LLMs) in 2023 | Data Science Dojo
2024-01-04 · 11 min Learn to build large language applications: vector databases, langchain, fine tuning and prompt engineering. Learn more Index:Ruhma KhawajaJuly 26In this article, we are getting an overview of LLM and some of the best Large Language Models that exist today.In 2023, Artificial
How to Run a ChatGPT Alternative on Your Local PC
2023-11-03 · 19 min (Image credit: Tom's Hardware) ChatGPT can give some impressive results, and also sometimes some very poor advice. But while it's free to talk with ChatGPT in theory, often you end up with messages about the system being at capacity, or hitting your maximum number of chats for

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