Stiamo tostando un nuovo caffe' !

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I link a disposizione dei "caffeinomani" per approfondire alla fonte. Vuoi collaborare ?

EDPO (European Data Protection Office) on LinkedIn: Telegram shares users' data in copyright violation lawsuit
2022-12-01 · < 1 min LinkedIn respects your privacyLinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non-essential cookies to provide, secure, analyze and improve our Services, and to show you relevant ads (including professional and job ads) on and off LinkedIn. Learn more in our Cookie Policy.Select
Cos'è Matrix? Un nuovo protocollo di messaggistica Le Alternative
2022-11-30 · 6 min Segnala errori o suggerisci alternative Segnala errori donazioni Aggiornato il: 22 Agosto, 2022 Indice dei contenuti Cos’è Matrix? Cos’è Matrix? I bot Non è tutt’oro quel che luccica Matrix, Telegram, Whatsapp e Signal Altre applicazioni oltre Element Da qualche t
Wickr’s free encrypted messaging app is shutting down next year
2022-11-25 · 1 min Amazon/ Tech/ Apps / The Amazon-owned Wickr Me will go away for good on December 31st, 2023. By Emma Roth Nov 19, 2022, 7:41 PM UTC| Share this story Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Wickr Me, the free encrypted messaging app owned by Amazon Web Servic
Pricing – VIPole
2022-11-23 · 1 min Find a solution that is right for youIndividualfreeproSign upSee detailsFREE includesthese great features:End-to-end encryption in transit Encrypted data storage on the server No profiling and data gathering Unlimited messages and group chats Audio and video calls Audioconferenc
Wasted | F Droid Free and Open Source Android App Repository
2022-11-23 · 3 min New in version 1.5.10recast optionYou can use PanicKit, tile, shortcut or send a message with a secret code. On trigger, usingDevice Administration API, it locks a device and optionally runs wipe (factory reset). Also it cansend a broadcast message instead of the wipe.Also you ca
XMPP Chat | Disroot
2022-11-14 · 2 min Decentralized and Federated Instant MessagingCommunicate using a standardized, open and federated chat protocol, with the ability to encrypt your communication with OMEMO protocol (based on encryption method also used by services such as Signal and Matrix). With XMPP you are not
Hosting servizi open source
2022-11-11 · 11 min A list of people and organizations who offer open source services to the public, free or paid.Free as in SpeechActivism International Disroot exozyme HelioHost Infra4future LibreOps NixNet Nomagic OpenDesktop Ossrox Slowb Snopyta sp-codes Systemli tchncs Uncloud P
2022-11-09 · 2 min Application supportWe support the most popular voice memo applications and messengers that you use every day WhatsApp only Voice Memos only Telegram only Signal only Slack only BenefitsRead your voice messages when you can't listen!BenefitsWorks from inside your fav
Signal Has a New President and She Has a Plan
2022-09-07 · 4 min Meredith Whittaker addresses hundreds of Google employees during a protest rally on Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, in New York. Google employees walked off the job in a protest against what they said is the tech company’s mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations against execut
Geleakter Bericht: EU Kommission nimmt hohe Fehlerquoten bei Chatkontrolle in Kauf
2022-08-28 · 34 min Zentrale Kritikpunkte an der von der EU-Kommission geplanten Chatkontrolle scheinen sich zu bestätigen. Die EU-Kommission rechnet offenbar selbst damit, dass Ermittler:innen viele harmlose Aufnahmen und Chats von Minderjährigen mit eigenen Augen überprüfen müssen. Das und m
R/privacy “10% error rate is okay“ Leaked EU Commission document regarding Chat Control, the law that requires the mass surveillance of messages and photos
2022-08-27 · 29 min TL;DR: 
 Germany had asked the EU whether there should be a requirement for reporting hits (i.e. 99.9% hit probability). However, the commission "did not make such a numerical determination in order to ensure openness to technology and progress." 
Currently the software has
Best Privacy Tools in 2022: Encryption Against Surveillance
2022-08-17 · 54 min Improve the privacy of your friends & family by sharing this website For easy copy & paste on social media platforms, messengers and emails. VPN Privacy Guide: The best and most reliable VPN Services We have compared 185 different VPN providers, but our strict criteria l

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cerca caffe20 on Spreaker caffe20 on Spotify Twitter Alexa caffe20 on Estensione caffe20 on iTunes caffe20 on Google Calendar